Happy Holidays from the Team at CORE Therapy and Pilates

Jase had a great idea a few weeks ago in our team meeting… Lets go decorate a tree on 360 as a team. And after a few moments of discussing, a plan was born.

Jase went out to scout a tree a few days prior and then half of the team met on a gorgeous sunny day to decorate. We tied the ornaments down very well so they stay put in the wind.

We laughed as we showed the team this video and told them that the crew that didn’t hang the decorations will be required to go take it down. We will make sure to get each ornament picked up and gathered after the holiday break…

A fresh snake skin a few feet away from our tree had us on high alert…


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Stephen Dunn, a pioneer in physical therapy, merges Pilates and Gyrotonic approaches with hands-on therapy for comprehensive injury prevention and rehabilitation. His innovative methods prioritize holistic well-being.
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