Revealed: How This 51 Year Old Woman From Austin Earns $500+ A Week Teaching Pilates

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Let me tell you a story about Julie…

Julie is a 51 year old housewife from Austin with two step children, and a beautiful baby Granddaughter, who also loves to keep active and socialize with friends at lunch during the week.

Julie used to work a demanding full-time job in the public sector, and used to attend Pilates classes a few times a week to help her keep good posture while working at a desk for hours on end.

But when retirement came round – Julie found herself feeling lost…

…Going from a busy job Monday to Friday, then to not having to get up for work and only being able to occupy herself with housework and a few lunch outings with her friends, Julie wanted something more to do with her life.

She wanted to be able to earn a living while still having time to look after her newly born Granddaughter and do more of the things she loves, which is where Pilates came in…

After attending Pilates classes for several months, she soon realized she wanted to understand how Pilates works on a deeper level. Julie had always expressed how she loved what Cheryl and I do here at ‘CORE Therapy and Pilates’ – which is to help people live a more active lifestyle way into their 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and beyond, free from pain.

Although Julie hasn’t always been into keeping active, she fell in love with Pilates after seeing just how much of a great impact it can have on people’s lives and now can’t imagine her life without it.

And because of that, she saw a way to fulfill her passion, desire and love to help people live with better posture, be more active and feel more healthy by pursing a career in Pilates.

At first she didn’t believe she ‘could’ do it, or even thought it was possible, but decided to go ahead and work with Cheryl and I learning even more about Pilates and how she can teach it to others, on our Pilates Instructor training course – and after 6 months – became a fully qualified instructor.

Since becoming an instructor Julie is now impacting the lives of at least or more than 20 people every week in her classes, she has her very own equipment at home, teaches one on one classes, can keep up with her own Pilates exercises to maintain her posture, but most importantly she is able to have a positive impact on the lives of 20 people each week in her classes AND spend quality time with her Granddaughter – earning an attractive revenue of $500+ a week.

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