Pilates for Professional Athletes

We are in the thick of football season as we roll into October… From Friday Night Lights at the local high school to College on Saturday and the NFL on Sunday, and Monday night. This brings me to a great story that I want to share about a past client…

After a great career playing running back at a Big 12 school and several years in the professional ranks and BOOM…an ACL tear (that is the anterior cruciate ligament, not Austin City Limits you local folks) ends his all star season. He had started his rehab after surgery with the staff on his team and then in the off-season, he looked us up at CORE to continue with his recovery. He was motivated to get back to the game and he had researched Pilates based Physical Therapy to try something a little different…

We had such a great time working together and getting this young man back to the field, better than ever. What do I mean better than ever? After 3 months of Pilates Physical Therapy to address his entire body with a holistic approach, he was stronger and more aware of his body than pre-surgery, or ever before! He made it back to the field and has had a few great seasons since, winning a championship along the way.

The team at CORE has been able to help many football players from as young as 10 years old to high schoolers, as well as college and professional players. We understand the desire to get back to the game for these players and love sharing our unique approach that is new to them…

If you know a football player that needs help with recovery from surgery or after an injury, Share this content with them.

Call 512.215.4227 to learn more about how we can help with our unique approach to Physical Therapy. We combine Manual Therapy known as Myofascial Release with Pilates and GYROTONICⓇ exercises.

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Co-Owner / Physical Therapist at CORE Therapy and Pilates
Stephen Dunn, a pioneer in physical therapy, merges Pilates and Gyrotonic approaches with hands-on therapy for comprehensive injury prevention and rehabilitation. His innovative methods prioritize holistic well-being.
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