New Seated Reformer Routine for Pilates Instructors

In today’s blog we are going to share a new seated routine that can be performed on the Pilates Reformer.

I got a question from a patient of mine in PT that is also a Pilates Instructor the other day when she asked “Stephen, with so much of the Pilates Reformer routine performed in supine, is there some good sitting exercises that work the spine in neutral and in all directions?”

My answer to her was pulling out this video from our youtube page and having her watch it at the end of her session. She watched the entire thing and went and practiced the video on her equipment. After performing a few times, she was excited to find a new seated series that focuses on spinal stabilization as well as spinal rotation, flexion, extension and side flexion.

The video goes through great detail of each exercise with Master Pilates and GYROTONICⓇ Trainer, Cheryl Dunn. Learn new exercises on the Reformer that are very helpful in todays sitting culture of slouching forward. Try the exercises yourself until you are comfortable and then introduce them to your Pilates clients as you feel comfortable teaching the exercise.

Here’s the video:

Thanks for watching!