Movement for Migraines… Secret Tip Exposed To Help Your Headache…

Hey… I wanted to talk to you guys today a little bit about headaches and migraines. I see a lot of people that suffer, not just a couple times a year but every week they’re getting multiple headaches and migraines. There’s some things that a lot of people don’t know about headaches and migraines that I want to tell you about today, just one thing.

First of all, understanding the idea that your head and the muscle and tissue in your upper neck it’s connected to your head but that’s also connected to your shoulders and your the rest of your ribcage, your lumbar spine, your pelvic floor, your hips and your legs. Your whole body is really connected and I think this is becoming more understood by the population.

I think that people that suffer from headaches think the problem is in their head so much and yeah there’s a problem but I have seen a lot of people get a whole lot of benefit and decrease intensity of their headaches and decrease how frequently they get headaches or migraines by getting into some movement throughout their whole body.

A lot of the work we do here with Pilates and some core strength work and so they sit a little different and they drive a little different and they sleep a little different. Getting some correct movement patterns with core stabilization into your life and then letting your arms, your legs and your head and neck move around that stable base will really impact in a very positive way your headaches and migraines. So I just want to start with that little encouragement if you suffer from those things… don’t stay away from movement… because it’ll actually help you out.

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