Migraines? Headaches? Try To Balance Your Head On Your Spine

Hey guys, Its Allyson at CORE and I was just going to talk to you about something that I see a lot. I thought I would put it out there so that you guys can learn from this if your not coming in here for treatment.

It happens a lot, people sit, they are sitting at a desk and they are trying to sit up really nice and straight. Some people don’t sit up nice and straight, and they are like this (slouched with a forward head) and they have a lot of shortness in the back of the neck at the top, its really tight. Then some people will sit up tall and maybe stand up tall, but they will put their chin up, which is also creating a lot of shortness, especially in those top few cervical vertebrae… so, its the same problem, you end up getting a lot of tension headaches, that start from these muscles between your skull and the first couple vertebrae, those little bitty muscles will get tight and the nerves that run through them will come around to the front of your head and you will get that headache.

If you think of your spine right here, going through your head and then this is half of the weight and this is half of the weight… it should be balanced evenly like a teeter totter over that spine. Look at some old pictures of yourself to see how your head sits on your spine. See if you got your chin up and your really proud, which is awesome, but try to bring it down just a bit and balance the weight in the back of your head and the front of your head, over that spine in the middle. Good luck with that…

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Allyson Marshall