How Many Pilates/GYROTONIC® Sessions A Week Should I Take?

Hi everyone, I’m Alayna and I’m an apprentice Pilates and GYROTONIC® Instructor here at CORE. Today I want to discuss a question that I get asked a lot

“How often should I come to Pilates or Gyrotonic sessions?”

So I want to talk a little bit about that today. I’ve been doing Pilates myself for a number of years and what I’ve noticed is that Once a Week, you’re going to start to be more aware of your body, noticing “Oh my shoulders are really slumped.” Okay, I can sit and put those shoulder blades back. Or if I’m really twisted and sitting sideways, how do I use my core to set up taller? So those will definitely be the takeaways from coming once a week. Twice a Week you’re going to start to definitely feel stronger and feel more changes in your body… and then Three times a Week, you’re going to see the changes in your body, you’re going to really feel the muscle structure changing, and how it looks, how your clothes fit.

So, if you’ve never done Pilates or Gyrotonic before or never done it at our studio, what I would recommend is our 20-minute Taster Session. This free session is where you can come in and take time to talk with one of the instructors about your goals and needs because depending on what your goals are and how fast you want to reach them is going to be dependent on how often you want to come in. I have some clients who come for privates and group classes so that they can get a mixture of both, with one-on-one and then getting moving in a class.

We would love to talk to you… call us here at 512-215-4227. And remember, even if you’re only coming in once a week, we’re also giving you things to think about outside of here and exercises to do at home…

So I think Anyone can really find what fits their budget, their time, their goals… That’s why this taster is so great because then you can figure out what’s realistic for you, and we can help you reach those goals… we look forward to talking to you soon.


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