Holiday Photo-Live Action At CORE

The team at CORE got together for a Holiday party and decided to take a photo with some fun hats on… Watch the video to see the prep work that goes into taking a photo in costume with 3 dogs.

Julie was in charge of the hat selection and she did not disappoint. There were a bunch of options and it was hilarious watching everyone try them on.

Hats? Check

Now the dogs…

Getting the 3 dogs to participate was the biggest challenge of the photo shoot.

Enjoy the video…

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Co-Owner / Physical Therapist at CORE Therapy and Pilates
Stephen graduated with a Masters in Physical Therapy in 1998 from LSUMC in New Orleans and is a licensed physical therapist in Texas since 2004. Immediately interested in hands-on therapy, he began to study with Brian Mulligan and became certified in the Maitland Australian Approach in 2003. Stephen has since studied the fascial system through John F Barnes Myofascial Release. Stephen completed a comprehensive Pilates training in 2002 and the GYROTONIC Expansion System® in 2009. The combined treatment of manual therapy with mind-body awareness exercises using Pilates and Gyrotonic concepts was the start of his whole-body treatment approach.
Stephen Dunn