Happy Fathers Day From The Team at CORE!

Hey guys, what’s up? Happy Father’s Day from the team at CORE Therapy and Pilates… it’s Sunday morning just hanging out on the back porch, it’s not actually too hot yet, hopefully it’ll stay that way. I’m having a little tea, I got the dogs hanging out with me but I just wanted to come out to the make a quick video to say Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there.

I want to just talk a little bit about my tradition on Father’s Day and how I settled into my day. This is probably the one day I give the most gratitude of all, all year…As a father, I’m super grateful for my two kids. I’m grateful for Cheryl. I’m grateful for our business. I’m grateful for the team we have here with our family. I’m grateful for the team I have at CORE, the clients as well as the staff. I’m grateful for every client that’s ever come in and done business with us since we’ve been open in Austin since 2005 and that’s really it…

I just wanted to say hi, say hello to everyone and come from this place of gratitude because that’s really what Father’s Day is about. I want to say to all you dads out there who are clients, Happy Father’s Day! To all you moms, who your husband’s won’t come in and try Pilates or GYROTONIC(R) exercise, see if you can get them in. Maybe it’s time for a little Father’s Day gift certificate to come in and see us for some training.

All right guys, that’s all I got for you today… I hope all is well, y’all have a fantastic Father’s Day out there with your family and we’ll see y’all soon…

Take care.

Call 512.215.4227 to get a gift certificate for your favorite guy!

Co-Owner / Physical Therapist at CORE Therapy and Pilates
Stephen Dunn, a pioneer in physical therapy, merges Pilates and Gyrotonic approaches with hands-on therapy for comprehensive injury prevention and rehabilitation. His innovative methods prioritize holistic well-being.
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