CORE Virtual Studio Launched!

Hi everyone, its Stephen and Andy at CORE. Hope you guys are all healthy and doing well during this crazy time around the whole world. And we just want to let you guys know that in order to still keep all of you active and healthy, we are working very hard the past few days to set up all our virtual services.

The services include telehealth therapy sessions that are conducted by either one of us. We also have virtual personal training with all of our GYROTONIC(R) and Pilates instructors, and then those are already rolling and also we have remote group classes. Presonal training and group classes are already rolling.

These are the things that we are trying to do, we still try to provide value, to provide our expertise and services to serve the community during this difficult time, and all these services are already available on our online scheduling system–Mind Body. So, if you guys are interested definitely use this time to check those out! And to find that service or to find that ability to get on to Mind Body on our website If you go to our classes it’ll take you to our Mind Body app and you’ll sign in and log in. If you’re already a member, just sign and then log in. If you’re not a member, you would need to create a login and password, and through that you can sign up for any of these virtual services, whether it’s the physical therapy, Pilates virtual one-on-one or duet, or one of our group classes where we can host many many people at one time.

So we have those different options but I wanted to answer one of the biggest questions that I got, which is–what is telehealth for physical therapy? What is it? What does it even look like? We use our hands a lot, but that’s only part of what we do. A lot of what we do is to educate people on what to do at home, we educate people to do certain exercises, certain things in the time away from the clinic. Well, this is the time away from the clinic and people are going to be in high stress and high confines at home with their family that they’re not used to being. That’s going to create a whole new stress, so this is the time for people to continue with and progress their home programs. And that’s what we can do in a telehealth session.

Here’s a little story from Stephen…
It was quite exciting because I really didn’t know what to expect because I’m used to using my hands first and then exercise second. Well what i ended up doing was working with a client who i’ve known, i’ve seen this person, they’ve been on my schedule already in the studio. So when i was working with them electronically they already had the ball that I give to everybody, they already knew the initial homework that I give to everybody and I basically had him show me what they were doing and they were doing it completely wrong… and from watching what they were doing I was able to make a few little modifications because the camera was set up on them. I was watching and we were able to make some simple modifications that they were able to then do the program differently. We were able to find pain at the beginning of their session with a movement that they did. We were able to take them, I was able to take them through the homework that I’ve already taught him to do and then we’re able to do a few little simple and new things because the things have changed and progressed since the last time I’d seen him in the studio and so I was able to add a few new exercises that were just building on the same program that we had already started and so by the end of that hour they sat up and got off of the floor from the exercises that they were doing and at that time they were actually hands and knees position, they got up and they did the same thing at the beginning of the hour that was painful and it was a longer painful… So from doing the self treatment, the release work and the strengthening, they got up in a much different place than when they started. We recorded that video because they were okay with us recording that video they wanted the recording on the video and then we sent them the video later that day so then they have access to the whole entire recording.

Now, we’re offering this in different options, and the cost basically is forty dollars per 15 minutes… So we’re going to be charging eighty dollars for a half-hour session we’re gonna be charging 160 dollars for an hour session… so those are the cost.

Again this is a new service we didn’t have, but we got it set up. We got all the consent forms ready to go, everything’s legal so we are ready to offer the service to you guys because we know this is a high-stress time and everyone is sitting at home trying to figure out what’s the next step. This is also actually another opportunity that let us see how you guys are doing outside the clinic, for example seeing you getting in and out of your bed is very different to seeing you do this on our treatment tables. Seeing you in front of your home office, in front of your desk and then see how your computer seat at your desk is set up. It’s very different to what we can reproduce in the studio. We are actually able to assess a lot of things in your original living environment, and that can help us to carry over a lot of the value we can provide you at your own living environment. So this is definitely something, like apparently we are not able to provide any hands-on treatment, but we are able to address a lot of the things happening at your home, at your office. Those are the things we can’t do in the studio. So we have something that we are losing but then we are gaining something extra… And one thing to consider, many of you are now working from home if you have that capability to work from home and your home set up is probably not as good as your work set up as far as economics and positioning and posture. So that’s one of the things and you just mentioned us looking at how you sit at your workstation while you’re going to be working through these times. It’s very vital to prevent headaches, neck pain, back pain from increasing or new symptoms coming on because you’re not really thinking about things that you would think about in your normal office because it maybe is a little more ergonomic than your home office, sitting on your kitchen table. Sitting all slouched over like this and hoping the kids don’t bother you too much. So that’s kind of what we can offer with telehealth.
Again… people are wondering what the heck is it? It’s a big buzzword you know the president mentioned telehealth in a press conference a few days ago and through that that word has just exploded and in that process we have done everything we can and we’re ready to go, we’re ready to take on sessions. Again that first session was really a blast yesterday because it was a learning curve for me and it taught me that I can really help someone without touching them and even though I’ve been touching people for 22 years as a PT it was a very rewarding thing to be sitting there on the end of the computer and actually serving and helping people. So that’s what we got for you guys today. I hope everyone is well and you’re doing what you can to get through this crazy times and we hope to see you in the studio real soon as this all calms down but our virtual stuff is ready to go.

Yeah, so that’s what we got for you guys today, be on the lookout for more information. And what we’d love to know from a fitness side if you have specific times that you would like a virtual class. Please let us know and we can surely accommodate that If you have any questions or comments about any of this telehealth for PT, any of this virtual Pilates, any of these virtual classes. Comment below let us know. If you give us a call at the office 5 1 2 – 2 1 5 – 4 2 2 7. We are going to have limited availability to answer that phone over the time in the near future but certainly call and we will be checking those messages and also we will be answering through voice mails as well and if you have our CORE cell text we will offer that and I’ll put that in the link below. So that’s what we got guys.

Y’all have a fantastic day.