Clinical Pilates for Back Pain

Are you looking to ease pain with pilates? Have you been told to try clinical pilates but don't know why or how it can help? Watch this video to learn more about clinical pilates and how it might help you if you're suffering and dealing with nagging pain and injuries.

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Have you tried everything to help your back pain? But have you tried clinical pilates? Is that a word you're familiar with? By the end of this video you'll know why clinical pilates is so helpful for people in your situation.

My name is Stephen Dunn and I'm a holistic physical therapist. I've been helping patients at my clinic in Austin, Texas since 2005… helping hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of clients just like you.

One of the first reasons that clinical pilates is so effective is that it strengthens the lumbar multifidus muscle.

Now the lumbar multifidus muscle is a little tiny muscle. I call it the finger-like muscles because it's about the size of your finger. It runs up and down from one vertebra to the next or from one vertebra to two levels above or from one vertebra to three levels above. 


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They're basically going from each individual segment of your lumbar spine. They're not running up and down huge areas. They are very short and small and they're what we call the spinal stabilizers. They're the antagonist muscles to the hip flexors, the poses and iliacus. 

So they're on the back of the spine and do the exact opposite of what the hip flexors do. We talk a lot about the hip flexors and the troubles that they cause. So the key with clinical pilates is that you're strengthening the lumbar multifidus… and that's one of the most important pieces of the pie.

Number two you're going to strengthen the deep abdominal muscles, the transverse abdominis. 

So much of the fitness world, in the strengthening world that we live in consists of strengthening the six-pack, or the rectus abdominis. 

We're way more interested in the deep transverse abdominis and the obliques than we are in the six-pack. And if we can get the deep abdominals, the transverse abdominis and the lumbar multifidus working like we discussed, then we got a much better chance of dealing with our back pain and moving forward in a positive manner.

The third reason clinical pilates is so important is how you will learn to improve your posture. 

You'll improve your posture from a mental standpoint as well as a physical standpoint. Mentally first, awareness to be able to change your posture and then the strength that you obtain in the pilates to actually hold that new posture.

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