A Simple Tip To Stand Tall And Relieve Back Pain…

Hey guys, it’s Stephen here. I wanted to go over something that I get asked frequently when I evaluate people and it’s a question about how to stand tall in a good posture?

What I typically see with my clients on the first assessment is this lean forward onto their toes. I’m going to demonstrate here in just a second, but there’s this forward lean and the body is swaying forward.

One of the best tips that I can give people on that first day is to get back onto their heels.

So, what I see most commonly is people will be in this situation, and they lean onto their toes. Their calves are in a constant state of contraction, they arch their back, which I can’t demonstrate that well, and then the head is looking straight ahead (causing her extension of the neck).

So I call it the skier’s jump because they’re leaning forward.

All I really want people to do is come back onto their heels, which will actually flatten the lower back into a more neutral spine position. So, the idea of when you’re standing here, no good. Get back onto the heels, lift the toes just a little bit, and think about that when you’re standing in line at the grocery, when you’re standing in line wherever, just standing period.

So, a simple little tip to think about… Getting back in the heels, gets your low back in a better neutral spine position, and aligns the whole spine up straight.

All right, that’s it for the day.

Hope all is well. Take care.

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