My Back Pain Story (Part 3): CBD Oil, Physical Therapy and Chiropractic

All right, hey, guys, what’s up? It’s Stephen Dunn with Core Therapy & Pilates, and today I want to go through and finish my little series that I started a little while back on my back pain, and what happened.

It’s been a month or so … I’m sorry, it’s been a few months ago, excuse me. I had some back pain with moving an appliance, and what I’ve told the story of is how to get out of bed, and I’ve told the story … How to do a log roll to get out of bed, excuse me … And I’ve told the story of what was helpful for me by getting treatment quickly.

Now, what I did not tell the story of is, I mentioned getting treatment from the physical therapist that works with me, Dr. Jared, but what I didn’t mention was getting treatment from the chiropractor that works for us, Dr. Jack.

So, my back went out on me Sunday night. I had intense pain on Monday, and I ended up seeing a chiropractor on Tuesday. Now, Dr. Jack McGowen works with us every Tuesday afternoon. He actually … I know Jack from working with my dog, he works on animals and humans. But, I was able to get in and see him that day, and I was in a lot of pain that day, and he was able to really help get me out of pain and tone things down. Then, I was able to see Dr. Jared, the physical therapist that works with me, and he was able to do some soft tissue work after having the adjustment the day before.

I was able to follow up the physical therapy with some Pilates that I did on my own. Did some flexibility work, some core work, and basically, was able to get into a situation where I was feeling a lot better in those first several days.

So, I did chiropractic care, I did physical therapy care, and then, the last thing I want to talk about is something that I took, and it was some CBD oil.

Now, CBD has been the rage of late, and I’ve done a blog on that recently as well, and through that blog I was exposed to it, I got my hands on some, and so, what I ended up doing was, I started taking this CBD oil as soon as my back started bothering me.

So, on that Sunday night, I already had it around from doing the interview. It was laying around my house. I hadn’t started taking it yet. The back pain came on. Started taking that CBD oil, drops under my tongue twice a day, and again, I did a lot. I did the CBD oil, I did the chiropractor, I did the physical therapist, I did some Pilates strengthening, and in that time, of about a 10 day period, I was fine, my back pain was gone.

So, I felt really, really good. Was it something that … Was it something, one of those pieces that did more than the other? I don’t really know, because I did them all, but I did feel better, and I did it quick. I reacted quick, and got treatment quick, and here we are, a situation two or three months later, and I’ve had zero complaints about it since.

Now, what have I been doing since? I’ve been continuing to take this CBD oil, and I’ve been continuing to do some strengthening, some Pilates strengthening, but I also started taking a functional fitness class, as well, to do some strengthening, some other types of strengthening, that isn’t so much just about flexibility.

So, that’s my story for today. I hope that resonates with someone out there. If you’re having back pain and you need some help, we have lots of tools and options here at Core Therapy & Pilates in Austin to help you. If you have any questions, put them in the comments below. I love to answer them. Like, comment and subscribe, and I will see y’all around, guys. Peace.

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