Biomat Far Infrared Heat at CORE. First Session Free

All right, hey guys. What’s up? I want to show you a little bit of what happens in the Biomat room… So I’m laying on the massage table, got the Biomat underneath me. It is a far infrared heating pad that is basically increasing your circulation. It’s heating you up internally, whereas a traditional heating pad will only heat you up where you’re being touched by the heating pad. This will heat you up from within inside, let me see it that way. So I just wanted to go over that a little bit.

The contraindications for the Biomat, we have a little list here that sits out but I want to go over that a little bit. If you have an organ transplant, if you have an external pacemaker or an internal pacemaker, defibrillator those are contraindications for use on the Biomat. If you have fever it’s not recommended to use the Biomat and if you have an acute injury to a joint, you don’t want to use the Biomat in the first two days.

Let’s say you sprain your knee, we don’t really want to heat, you don’t want to increase the temperature of the knee, you want to actually use ice in that situation. So I just wanted to go over that.

The Biomat… we’ve been getting lots of feedback. We’re letting everybody try it free for the first time and then if you like it it’s a dollar a minute to use. So you can use it for 15 minutes for $15, you can use it for 30 minutes for $30 and we’re seeing a lot of people are really enjoying it.

I do want to also mention that if you are a part of our membership plan, you get one free Biomat session a month. So if you’re part of the membership and you’re doing our group classes on a monthly membership, you get one session free per month. I just wanted to go over that today.

So this is the Biomat, oh it feels so good, especially on a day when it’s 40 degrees out and that’s what it’s feeling like today in Texas. So that’s what I got for you today guys, if you got any questions about our new Biomat, if you want to try it out it’s free the first time.

Give us a call at 512.215.4227… Get your first Biomat session free.

Come on in, do it before or after a Physical Therapy or Pilates or GYROTONIC® session and I would love to get some more feedback from you and your thoughts on the Biomat.

We will see you at the studio.