Pilates - Learn About This Great Exercise System That is So Much More Than Just an Exercise Routine


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Stephen Dunn


Holistic Physical Therapist

Cheryl C. Dunn, PMA-CPT

PMA Certified Pilates Instructor

A Personal Message from our Holistic Physical Therapist, Stephen Dunn and Pilates & GYROTONIC® Master Trainer, Cheryl Dunn.

THIS REPORT is for the person interested in learning about Pilates and why they should be doing it.

I know you have heard of Pilates by now from friends, family and co-workers! More than likely they told you of the benefits that they have seen themselves or seen in others close to them. It has truly become a household name over the last few decades after being mostly a secret for 60+ years.

Are you looking to start a new fitness program but not sure if Pilates is right for you? Are you concerned about injuries that may get in the way with starting your Pilates program? Have you been let down or injured by a personal trainer in the past? If you answered yes to any of these, then this report on Pilates is perfect for you.

Did you know that Pilates can help with flexibility, strength, posture, awareness and is great for rehabilitation?

Since 2002, (2005 in Austin) we have used Pilates for rehab and for personal training in private and duet sessions, as well as group reformer classes.

Because we continue to see individuals, 40 years plus who have been frustrated with personal trainers and nagging injuries limiting their work outs just like you, we decided to develop this FREE report that will assist you in learning more about this great exercise system that is so much more than just an exercise routine.

It is time for you to get our free report on why you should DO Pilates. Do this by calling (512) 215-4227 or by clicking the button below and confirming your details? There are limited copies of this report, so please take action TODAY.


Stephen Dunn, Leading Physical Therapist in Austin TX

Cheryl Dunn, PMA Certified Pilates Instructor

“Look Who Else Came For Specialist Physical Therapy At CORE And Left Feeling More ACTIVE, HEALTHY And HAPPY…In Just A Few Short Weeks”!

amy testimonials


Late 40's, Austin

Before coming to CORE I would go in and out of having extreme and severe back pain, extreme and severe neck pain. When an episode would come on and the pain would get to be at a certain level, I would miss out on anything and everything. I wouldn’t be able to join my family in sports or activities or whatever my husband and children were doing at the time… My initial goal in coming here was to be pain-free. That happened pretty quickly, within my first few months of therapy then progressing to exercise. After that I just continued to get stronger and stronger so that now as I’m approaching almost 50 years old, I think I’m physically in my best and strongest shape I’ve ever been…


Mid 20's, Austin

I didn’t know I had a problem for a couple years. I just knew that I was in pain and it all happened when I was in high school. Around ninth grade I finally broke my parents down and got a doctor visit and realized that I had some disk problems going on where they were disintegrating. It’s been going on for almost eight years now. After some time you kind of figure out little minimal ways to help improve stuff, but nothing long term which is why CORE Therapy has really helped me a lot. The team at CORE is focused in on all my pain and it’s taken something that was pretty life-altering and hurt with everything I did to now, I can manage it…

Note: If your back pain need is urgent...

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