Whole 30 Aftermath…

– [Allyson] Hey, it’s Allyson, Alayna, and Ohara back. Its our last Whole30 blog that we have, a post Whole30, what we’ve gotten out of our experience. Ohara, you want to start?

– [O’Hara] Well, post Whole30, I’ve largely remained on a gluten and dairy free diet. But I’ve slowly added back some alcohol in moderation, as well as grains like quinoa and oatmeal and corn tortillas. So I can have Austin’s favorite meal, the tacos.

– [Allyson] We were, kind of, all talking about this earlier, but that was the one thing I missed the most, was chips and salsa or my chips and guac, which I have, pretty much, every night now. And I accredit that with the energy that I’ve gained in my workouts. Because my workouts were terrible with Whole30. I had no energy, it felt like I was dragging myself up hills and all over the place, and that’s, kind of, my life.

– Yeah.

– [Alayna] I think we all, like, I noticed too, that since we’re all fairly active, you can’t not have any carbs in your life. And so, I think, if I was to do another Whole30 just to cut out more junk and processed foods, I would probably be more conscious to eat more butternut squash or sweet potatoes or, like, plantains. Because I think cutting out processed carbs, I cut out too many regular vegetable based carbs, as well. So I definitely would be more careful about getting more of those in, because I think we all noticed that, like, an energy difference level.

– [Ohara] Yeah, and low carb can energize you for a few days but then you really start to notice that decline and especially for active women who do cardio and Pilates and Gyrotonic.

– [Alayna] But I definitely noticed one of the big takeaways was having protein and fat at every meal and every snack. So, if I was going to have something like an apple or something for me that I can’t have a ton of sugar with, I make sure to eat it with some protein and fat in there. So maybe a little bit of almond butter with my apple.

– Even a piece of lunchmeat, even if it’s a small amount of things, but it’s all added in there, and that seems to balance me better.

– [Allyson] And your salads at work look great with, like, the hardboiled egg or drained chicken or something.

– [Alayna] Yeah, but I make sure to get those fat, like, half an avocado on there and that seems to sustain me so I can…I feel like I don’t just crash after two hours.

– [Ohara] Yeah, I’m still making sure that every day I have one large salad with bunch of lean protein on it and a healthy fat dressing. And I really am enjoying that, that feels great, and it’s definitely a habit that I want to keep.

– [Allyson] It does add to your recipe list and possibilities. Okay. We learned, probably, a lot more, but that’s wrapping up our Whole30 experience and would love to hear about your experiences. We have heard a couple of people respond on their starting their Whole30 and what it’s done for them. Some people that have gotten out of back pain after being on Whole30 for just 8 days. So comment and let us know. Thanks.

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