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What is Reiki

What is Reiki?

Reiki is basically just all about pulling the energy around us. All the space that we think is empty, it’s not. It’s full of these little energy particles that we create. 

We have a field of energy that goes through us and around us. And when that energy or chakras got out of balance, it creates instability and dysfunction in the energy center. When we have these energy centers that are not working properly, it gets bogged down.

Let’s say someone is having anxiety, depression, etc., instead of just looking at it from the point of chemical imbalance in the brain, we can take a look and see if there’s any clogs in the energy fields. Other people can attach their energy and start to pull from your field if you're not protected. 

Reiki is a way to reregulate the energy centers and a way to calm the nervous system. It really works a lot with the central nervous system. That works for me. My trainer does so much work with trauma, that’s what she is focusing on. 

She gets these people to a state where they’re calm and relaxed. But if anybody has never had that in the process, if you were laying down on the table there with me, you’d have to be nice and comfortable.

Then slowly start to let nervous system to decompress and unwind. The people who are experiencing it, they might feel a little bit of tingling, heat, or a buzzing sensation underneath the skin. 

It means that the energy being moved around and being transferred are being released. But it’s not a quick fix. It just kind of helps the body maintain a better long-term balance.  You are getting to create the balance in your energy and your everyday things.

Stephen Dunn

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