What Does My Big Toe Have to Do With My Back Pain?

All right guys, what’s up?! It’s Stephen Dunn of CORE Therapy and Pilates in Austin, Texas.

I have Alexis here with me today, and what we are going to do is talk a little bit about the foot, particularly the big toe.

Recently, I have had several patients coming in and they’re having trouble with the extension of their great toe and they don’t have enough extension of their great toe. You need 90 degrees extension of your great toe. That’s the range we need.

What happens if you’re lacking that degree of motion? What you’re going to end up doing is pushing. You’re not going to have the range to push off enough and you’re going to end up picking your foot up too soon. And it’s going to affect your gait, the way you walk and the way your body is going to compensate for it.

If you’re having some problems and you notice you have a bunion and your big toe is limited, comment “Bunion” below and we’ll get some information to you on how we can help you with that.

So, that’s what we’ve got for you today! I hope all is well!

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