Westlake Hills Cupping Therapy Benefits

Caleb here is having, he just recently had some pain in his arm and is not sure what's going on?

What we're going to do right now since it's an acute injury is we're going to help with decreasing the inflammation. 

So what I'm going to do first is elevate the limb here so I'm going to put it like this and then just relax your arm here.

Good, now... So first I'm going to put some of this oil, and cream on here just going to do a lighter coat here now. How's this feel? Okay? It's mainly on the inside, like right here, okay... top, right there.

Got it, okay. Okay, so with his arm elevated like this, the muscles will be on slack, which means that it's relaxed. There are a couple different techniques using this cup. So I'm going to squeeze it first and then press it to get the pressure and then I'm just gonna slide back and forth. This is to work on getting that inflammation to calm down.

So what it's doing is putting pressure on the skin and it's getting the fluid as you can see the skin pops up here in the cup. It is helping remove that inflammation in the area. There's another technique where you do some pumps. So I pump on and then I pump off, pump on, and pump off.

So what this is doing is it's using your venous system, which is your veins, which is to get the blood flowing. The venous system takes all the blood and inflammation and starts pumping it back towards your heart. Basically decreasing that pooling of blood which is swelling and inflammation... good... good...

Does it hurt Caleb? A little bit... but it looks good and feels good... So this treatment takes between two and five minutes and there shouldn't be any bruising. You won't have any of those cupping marks that you might have seen during the Olympics like on Michael Phelps or the other swimmers when the session is over.

When the treatment's over you do what's called aftercare. So you do some rubbing to help clear out the blood and the inflammation and get all those histamines out. Now Caleb, go ahead and sit up here for me.

You're going to do just wrist movements here so also getting those muscles to help get those veins pumping all the blood out of the affected area

Go ahead and do 5 - 10 reps...

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Dr. Danny is a local who graduated from Westlake High School, University of Texas, and Texas Women’s for his Doctor of Physical Therapy. He has been a licensed physical therapist  in Texas since 2021 and continues to help his patients eliminate pain while laughing through each physical therapy session.
Dr Daniel Masters