Weight Training and GYROTONIC® Exercises in Austin, Texas

After watching my kids do zoom school for a year because of the pandemic, I noticed a digression in their strength and posture. We had a room at the studio that was lightly used and mostly for storage that I decided to turn into a private weight training area.

I purchased a squat rack, barbells, plates, free weights, and a few other toys and got the kids coming to a Pilates + Weight Training for Teens class.

Every once in a while we turn it into a Gyrotonic + Weight Training for Teens class as well. 

The weights are a treat for them for the second half of the class. We start with Pilates and after 30 minutes move over to the weights. They really enjoy it and I have had my kids come to do Pilates for years.

They never really wanted to do the Pilates only class but as soon as I added the weights in, they love it. What is interesting is the kids who are new to Pilates but seasoned in the weight room are stronger on the weights but have poor form in Pilates.

My kids are stronger on the Pilates equipment and are starting to apply the Pilates concepts to the weights… It is so fun to teach and watch. Today I decided to do a class simulation but started with the weights and progressed to the Gyrotonic equipment.

I really like that order but not sure if the teens will go for it. As I am closer to 50 than ever before, the weights followed by my entire body's stretching and fluid motion on the Gyrotonic Tower felt great.

Call 512.215.4227 to tell us if you would be interested in an adult Pilates/Gyrotonic + Weight Training class or private session.