TheraCane Not Helping Your Neck Pain? Virtual Physical Therapy Can Help Relieve Neck Pain

Client: I been working last week. Remember, I said that I've been neglecting the TheraCane. I'm working on my neck soreness. So I've tried that quite a bit this week, but I've seen no improvement at all.

Stephen Dunn: It doesn't change anything?

Client: But I keep working on it.

Client. Yes, this does. I can feel that. That is interesting. So I feel I have a lot more motion on my head here.

Stephen Dunn: Yeah, and just see if that feels any looser.

Client: It does have made a big difference. OK, it absolutely still hurts, but you know, I can tell that it was effective. I can turn my head a lot farther now without that pain that normally happens. Excellent. Yes, and it's really remarkable what a difference!

Client: Wow, well, that's great. That's good. Because that's the area that's really tight and hurts. And now, just after doing that, that's really loosened up.

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Stephen Dunn
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