The GYROTONIC® Archway at CORE Therapy & Pilates. A unique Exercise System

I want to thank you for watching our YouTube video. Here we have Cheryl Dunn of CORE Therapy & Pilates or Austin GYROTONIC® Center teaching on the GYROTONIC® Archway

And we have a client experiencing being upside down. Doing some new exercises for the first time and needing a little instruction from Cheryl going through the steps. And after a brief demonstration from Cheryl, back at it again. And here she shows a brilliant stretch of the upper body and lower body combined going into a nice suspension. Opening the chest and immediately going into a deep abdominal contraction to come out of this position in as best of control as possible. And slowly lowering down, nice stuff.

And now, we’re going to switch to a different position and show one more exercise from the same client on a different day. Hope you enjoy the demonstration on the GYROTONIC® Archway. Our website is Like us at Follow us at www.Twitter/TherapyPilates.

Have a great day.

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Stephen Dunn

Co-Owner / Physical Therapist at CORE Therapy and Pilates
Stephen graduated with a Masters in Physical Therapy in 1998 from LSUMC in New Orleans. Immediately interested in hands on therapy, he began to study with known manual therapist Brian Mulligan and became certified in the Maitland Australian Approach in 2003. Stephen completed a comprehensive Pilates training in Santa Monica at retroFit Pilates in 2002 and is Certified through The Pilates Method Alliance. The combined treatment of manual therapy with mind body awareness exercises using Pilates concepts was the start of his whole body treatment approach.
Stephen Dunn

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