The 3 Things Whole 30 Taught Us?

– [Allyson] Hey, it’s the CORE Therapy Team, Alayna and O’Hara and Allyson.

And we were here to blog a little bit more about our Whole 30 experience.

We were just going to talk about what it is a little bit today. I wanted to start with… It’s basically an elimination diet, so you’re just trying to understand some of your personal food triggers.

Then you do the Whole 30 to kind of get them out of your system and add them back a little bit at a time.

I realized nine years ago, dairy had a horrible effect on me. I wanted to explore if there were other triggers that were having effects I didn’t realize.

– [Alayna] Yeah, and so basically you focus a lot on eating vegetables, proteins and fats. So you eliminate sugar, dairy, all grains, alcohol, and beans.

And so it’s a lot of elimination.

But there are still actually a lot of food choices out there to eat.

I really found that eating fats at every meal, like I’ve eaten avocados, or nuts, or cooked things in ghee or different kinds of oils, that that really helped me to feel fuller longer between each meal.

– [O’Hara] I found that hitting the reset button within this 30 days really allows you to examine your relationship with your food patterns and find out that you might have habits that aren’t really serving you best in terms of, you know, the energy that your body needs.

On this plan, I found that I had dramatically increased the amount of energy I had on a day to day basis. As well as an overall happier mood and feeling, with less brain fog.

A kind of state that I had accepted as normal. But on this plan, I even found that there was a more energized way that I could be.

– So that’s blog two of our experience.

We’ll come back next week with more nuts and bolts of how it works out for us.

– [Together] Bye.

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Allyson Marshall