Texas Physical Therapy Direct Access

If you have received Physical Therapy in the state of Texas, you are in one of the last 2 states remaining that require a referral from a physician. Did you know? Texas is ranked 47th out of 50 states in the number of primary care providers. You do not have the right to chose the best care available because… seeking a physical therapist first for your musculoskeletal pain has been proven to save you time and money ⏰ 💵

And it’s likely more effective than medications and surgeries 💊🔪

Contact your state representative and ask them to co sponsor House Bill 29, proposed by SR Ina Minjarez.

The opioid crisis is real and trying physical therapy before taking dangerous and addictive pain meds could save your life…

CORE Therapy & Pilates has served Austin since 2005. We help people stay active, fit and moving away from pain pills and surgeries… to a healthy lifestyle…

Stephen Dunn