Testimonial for Dr Jack McGowen, Chiropractor at CORE Therapy & Pilates in Austin, Texas

Stephen: Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Stephen Dunn, and we have Alexis here. Uh oh, low internet connection. Maybe this is working? Connection available, okay I think it’s working. We’re going to go for it. It says live, still. We’ll still go for it. But we might have some spotty internet connections, so sorry. Alexis, I’m Stephen, we’re with CORE Therapy & Pilates. And today we want to do a little … I’m going to call this a little interview, about Dr. Jack McGowan.

Stephen: Dr. Jack is a chiropractor, and he works with us on Tuesday afternoons. He’s with us once a week, and he has a clinic out in Manor as well. And so, with that said, I want to ask Alexis a couple question. First of all, tell us a little bit about your background prior to being a Gyro teacher, because this is going to be important.

Alexis: Okay. So, I used to work as a physical therapist in Germany. And in Germany, when you see somebody that’s not a doctor, like somebody that helps you in training, or recovery, or rehab, you always go to a physical therapist. We are very, very rarely you get sent to a chiropractor. Chiropractors are not … It’s not that they are not well known, there just aren’t a lot of them. You never ever hear from them or that they even exist, because it’s always PT first, and PT is the one and only.

Alexis: I, you can almost say, grew up with a lot of hesitations about chiropractic. And you hear all these horror stories of people getting their necks cranked, and then they have to see us as a physical therapist, to get the back out of pain. And so, it doesn’t establish a lot of trust in that profession, unfortunately.

Stephen: For sure. And for me, coming from physical therapy school in America, I was taught in school to dislike all chiropractors, because we were all fighting for the same patients. So they told us that what they did was crap, and that we should just not like them. And in reality, here we are many years later, I just found that it’s really not true. But it’s just based on your mindset. So you were hesitant to see Dr. Jack. What finally led you to get over that hump and finally decide to go see him for some treatment?

Alexis: Well, A, when Dr. Jack started with us, and we had let our clients know that he’d started with us, I got questions from my clients, what I think about him. And they wanted to have my opinion, and so I felt, A, I need to check this out so I can give a hands-on feedback to my clients. But then, what made me actually trust Dr. Jack specifically was that you had him see Reece for forever.

Stephen: Yeah, my dog Reece.

Alexis: So, Stephen trusts Dr. Jack with his dog, and usually it goes like, if you trust somebody with your dogs, or your kids, then that person is good to go.

Stephen: And that’s how I met Jack, was through my dog. I was working with a chiropractor who’s a patient here for some back pain, and I was treating her, teaching her some core stabilization, teaching her Pilates. And at that moment in time, I found my dog Reece had a bad back and a bad knee, and it was going to be a $5000 surgery for her back, and a $3000 surgery for her knee. And this chiropractor said, “Hey, why don’t you reach out to Dr. Jack? He can help your dog.”

Stephen: Well, from that situation I got to know him, and he would come in to see us here at CORE, about once a month. He was coming in, stopping in on his way back and forth to other parts of town he was working at. And then over time, slowly but surely I said, you know what? I need him to come here more frequently, because I have enough clients asking about chiropractic care. Many of my patients already have chiropractors that they see and trust. But many of them are looking for something easy, something convenient while they’re here right before a session, while there here right after a session.

Stephen: So, when I brought him in to once a week, it was something that was really to fit the request from clients asking about it. And also, to have an option for people to bring their dogs, or themselves. So, him being here on Tuesdays has been a fantastic thing. Now, let me go back to Alexis. With your sessions with him, tell me about the experience, after the first session and the first few sessions of working with him. What was your thoughts?

Alexis: It was very good. I trusted him right off the bat, just the way he touched me. You can kind of tell, especially if you’re a bodyworker, you can really tell if somebody … if they know what they’re doing. That sounds silly, because of course he’s gone through school, of course he knows what he’s doing. But especially if you have things going on, have an injury that goes way back. In my upper spine between the first and the second, and so I was very hesitant for him to crack my neck. But he didn’t even crack it, crack it. He has other techniques where he can get to the spots that makes it a lot easier.

Alexis: He’s a really big guy. I like being treated by people who have big hands, right? They just have your whole neck in their hand, and it’s very secure. I don’t know.

Stephen: I know what you mean by that.

Alexis: He’s very calm, and his energy … Yeah, there’s just this calm that he perpetuates. When you walk into his room, you immediately start to go into this much calmer energy. The first session he checked my entire body, and he found a few spots where I had no idea that that even needed to be adjusted.

Stephen: Not just the area you were hurting.

Alexis: Yeah. Not just the areas that are my go-to areas, where I know, okay this is always out of whack, and this is where because I like to be in a certain posture, there are specific areas that are just more prone to being out of alignment. He found a bunch of other stuff. And walking out of it, I felt so much more centered. Not just in my physical body, but emotionally, and energetically. I felt I had a better connection to the floor. I knew I was standing better. So, there was a huge improvement right after the session.

Stephen: Got it. Cool. Yeah, and for me, I was able to see him immediately when my back started hurting last summer. My back started hurting on a Sunday, and I was able to see him on Tuesday. And seeing him on Tuesday was really beneficial. And I saw the PT that was working with me at the time, on Wednesday. And between those two back-to-back hands on sessions, it was really, really helpful. And then all of the homework that I know to do was a lot more effective after getting that care.

Stephen: So, hey Andy, what’s up? thanks for joining us. Hey Megan, thanks for joining us. So with that said, I just wanted to get some messages out about Dr. Jack. I’ve known him now for several years, he’s been working with us I guess about a year now. Maybe eight months now-

Alexis: Something like that.

Stephen: On Tuesday afternoons. So he’s here every Tuesday afternoon from 3:00 to 6:00. Again, he’s seeing animals, dogs and cats, as well as humans. Great, great guy. I’ve really got a lot working with him myself. Alexis has got a lot working from him as well. And we’re two physical therapists who were not really on board with chiropractors, with our background and our history. And now, I look forward to seeing him when I work with him, because I know he’s going to be able to help me, and he gives me some little nugget of information that I can chew on, from then moving forward. Not just that adjustment that he’s doing at that moment and that time. So, that’s what I’ve got for you today. Anything else to add to that?

Alexis: He’s very generous. He’s very generous with his info, he’s very generous with giving you exercises for after the session, and he makes sure that he’s really aligned, everything that needs to be aligned, regardless of time and … yeah.

Stephen: And I think it just goes really hand in hand with our philosophy and our way of doing business here at CORE. Looking at the whole body, what she said earlier about how he looked at everything, not just where she hurts. For me, I’ll go see him for my wrists, and he’ll work on my low back, my shoulder, my neck, as well as my elbow and wrist. Whatever needs it.

Stephen: So, that’s our message for today. We just wanted to get, again, get the message out for Dr. Jack, and share with our local community more about him, because he can really help you with your symptoms and pains, and we just wanted y’all to know about it. So with that said, if you have any comments, put them below. We’ll be happy to answer any questions. And we’ll see you all soon. Take care.

Alexis: Bye.

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