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jana-front-desk-2Hi everyone. My name is Jana and I have the distinct pleasure of working at the front desk at CORE Therapy & Pilates. We may have met “through the window”. I’ve learned many new processes and “tech”niques that were not on my radar when I started here a year ago…the latest one being writing a “blog”…hmmm.

Although I have been deeply interested in health and wellness for many years, I have never worked in a health professional environment. To my great delight the experience has offered many sweet and unexpected rewards. Not only do I get to meet exceptional and diverse people (which I love to do anyway), but I am also privileged to see and hear firsthand stories of healing and improved quality of life. Every day men, women and children walk through our door seeking help. Some of them are a little skeptical and unsure, others are very hopeful and positive and still others just know they are going to enjoy a thorough work out under the watchful eyes of exceptionally talented, skilled and caring trainers.

It is sobering to watch men and women come to the clinic who have suffered with back pain issues for 20 and 30 years. They have possibly sought help over time, have taken pain killers, or have just “lived with it” for way too long. After a thorough Physical Therapy evaluation by Stephen, they leave with “hope” in their eyes and with an aggressive, comprehensive and carefully formulated plan of action! It’s that hope they have that touches me the most. Because, from what I’ve observed during the time I’ve been at CORE, I know these patients are going to feel healing and restoration in their bodies and have a new and positive attitude toward their future.

Not only does Stephen treat long-time pain, but also sudden onset pain of a “mysterious” nature…like waking up with a frozen shoulder or neck stiffness.


Most of us can relate to those kinds of unexpected and unwanted afflictions! But the good news is, Stephen knows just how to evaluate and treat those “mean intruders”. These clients leave with relief on their faces and a bounce in their step!

Feldenkrais (another “newby” for my vocabulary and understanding) is a God-send for the patients who cheerfully come for an hour with Lisa. They look forward to seeing her beautiful, smiling face and they know that they will leave having been relieved of pain and stiffness through her caring and skilled hands. It’s a beautiful sight!

It was easily recognizable to me the unique (to Austin) value of combining Physical Therapy and Pilates and Gyrotonic training under one roof with one intertwining purpose in mind for every client…wellness and overall health. Cheryl, Stephen’s adorable wife and co-owner of CORE heads up the exercise and rehab programs. She is an amazing Master Trainer of Pilates and Gyrotonic and brings to the table her passion, experience and expertise. She is truly a leader in her field. Cheryl also generously gives her energy and wisdom to all of her staff and trainers…which then trickles down to all of the fortunate clients who walk through our doors! How totally blessed we all are by her laughter and friendship.

There are many smiling and caring faces in this studio/clinic, which makes it an extraordinary place to work and learn. The Pilates and Gyrotonic instruction are favorite parts of the rehab and fitness offered here. The trainers, Julie, Linda, Brandi, Dixon, Erin, Cynthia, Alexis (our newest face) and, of course, Cheryl, are all so fun and so focused on the individual needs and expectations of their clients. Smiles all around!

So I hope you can all see why the rewards of working at Core Therapy and Pilates have been personally enlightening and new every day. Here’s wishing you the blessings of good health and much hope along your path.

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