Serving Austin Texas Keeps Me Happy 😉 I Have Created My Own Reality At CORE To Transform Lives! 🏃‍♀️🎾👟⛳️🏊🏻‍♂️🧘‍♀️

Hey guys, what’s up? Happy Friday… It’s Stephen from CORE Therapy and Pilates.

I just wanted to come with a quick video today. Someone in the clinic, this week, asked me a simple question… They said, Stephen why are you so happy at work all the time? I thought it was a very odd question, I was like what do you mean? Where’s this coming from?

What he said is, my friend is a physical therapist and he hates his job… All he does is complain, all he does is talk about how miserable he is at work every day and Why are you so happy? My answer to him was simple… I’ve created my own reality here, I’ve created my own space, I’ve created a space that makes me comfortable, a place where I can wear shorts, wear my sandals, bring my dogs to work and truly serve my clients…

So I’m not here for me, I’m here for my clients and by doing that the most rewarding thing that I get every single day is to see people’s lives transformed! To see them go from something they can’t do to something they could do…

So that’s all I got for you today… I hope you all have a fantastic weekend they say it’s gonna bring some rain, we’ll see if that happens, take care guys…peace!

Are you suffering from back pain that is getting in the way of your day to day life? Are you tired of having trouble getting out of bed in the AM? Missing out on family activities, sports or exercise?

Maybe its neck pain or knee pain? Trouble reversing the car or changing lanes because of a stiff neck? Are you avoiding stairs because of knee pain?

If you answered yes to any of these questions at the end, then it is time to apply for our FREE DISCOVERY SESSION with one of our expert Physical Therapist. Click on the button below to answer a few questions to see if we would be a good fit to help transform your life… And get to see our studio that feels like my living room except with a bunch of crazy looking exercise equipment instead of furniture.

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or, Call 512.215.4227 to talk to a human about your what has gone wrong, what you have done about it so far and what your goals are moving forward…