Re-opening Safety at CORE Therapy & Pilates–Physical Therapy, Pilates, Gyrotonic(R) Studio

Alright. Hey guys. What’s up? It’s Stephen Dunn with CORE Therapy & Pilates. I hope you can hear me with my mask on. What we wanted to do today is go over a few more of our policies and procedures that we put into place to keep everyone safe and well through this pandemic.

We are open for physical therapy one-on-one, we are open for private pilates as of last week but we are opening our group classes on June 1st.

So to go over some of our new processes I have Rebekah here to be my model. We’re going to basically show our little thermometer, non-contact forehead thermometer and it takes about a second to get, then we see a reading of 97.8. It’s something very easy and simple.

So we’re going to meet you on the front deck, front patio as you come in, to let you in we’re going to check your temperature. We have sanitizer that we’re going to spray on with your hands. It does smell a little bit like moonshine because it’s made from a distillery. That is our process that we’re doing to keep you safe.

If you are coming in wearing your own gloves, we’re going to ask you to take them off because we don’t want cross-contamination. We have gloves here if you want to wear gloves. We have plastic gloves and we also have cotton gloves that are clean that we wash. So we ask that you do not bring your own gloves here, we’re going to be using hand washing, sanitizers and these gloves are available.

When you touch a pair of straps to work on the reformer or the gyro machine, those straps will be clean and sanitized after you use it. So you will be the only person touching those. I just want to go over that with you today, if you have any questions or comments put them below. Comment live, comment replay to let us know who’s watching and we look forward to serving you…

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