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Stephen Dunn


Holistic Physical Therapist

Cheryl C. Dunn, PMA-CPT
PMA Certified Pilates Instructor

A Personal Message from our Holistic Physical Therapist, Stephen Dunn and Pilates & GYROTONIC® Master Trainer, Cheryl Dunn.

THIS REPORT is for anyone interested in becoming a Pilates Instructor.

  • Are you ready for a fun and fulfilling career when your kids leave the house?
  • Are you a Physical Therapist looking to broaden your skills and marketability?
  • Are you a Pilates Instructor looking for the know-how when it comes to working with clients with osteoporosis, spinal stenosis or maybe a bulging disc?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be a perfect fit for our Pilates Teacher Training Program.

Stephen & Cheryl Dunn designed the Pilates Teacher Training offered at CORE in 2011 with an emphasis on 2 things:

First, we wanted to meet the requirements outlined by the Pilates Method Alliance and prepare the student to sit for the internationally recognized and credentialed PMA exam.

Second, we wanted to give teachers the skills to offer mindful therapeutic movement for their clients.

What Will The Pilates Teacher Training Program DO FOR YOU...

Our program is 465 hours that consist of 7 modules at CORE, self practice, observation and teaching hours. It typically takes about a year to complete the program. Upon completion, you will be fully prepared to take the the PMA exam to earn the credentials of PMA-CPT (Pilates Method Alliance-Certified Pilates Teacher). Over the years, we have had Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Massage Therapists, Personal Trainers, discharged PT patients from CORE and existing Pilates Instructors looking to expand beyond the choreography in our program.

Our program is designed for anyone who wants to be able to work with the strong and fit, as well as the injured. We present the latest information on fascia and its importance to full body movement in our fascial anatomy course.

Here Are Just Some Of The Benefits of Getting A Pilates Certification:

  • Flexible schedule
  • Good pay
  • Satisfaction from serving others
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Work with clients that prioritize their health
  • Add extra cash based wellness programs to your healthcare practice

The Complete Teacher Training (including Mat Teacher Training) is a 465-hr program composed of 7-modules.

If that all sounds appealing to you then it's time for you to get our free report on 6 Steps To Becoming A Pilates Instructor. Do this by calling (512) 215-4227 or by clicking the button below and confirming your details? There are limited copies of this report, so please take action TODAY.


Stephen Dunn, Leading Physical Therapist in Austin TX

Cheryl Dunn, PMA Certified Pilates Instructor

“Look Who Else Came To CORE To Become A Pilates Instructor And Is Now Enjoying All Of The Benefits Of Gaining Their PMA-CPT ”!


Austin, TX

What's Your Story That Led You To Pilates?
Well I fell in love with GYROTONIC(R) many years ago and I did my training out of state because it wasn't available here in Texas. Throughout my training and in the subsequent years Cheryl's been a great mentor for me. She's helped me with work in my own body and helped me to really perfect my skills. So when I decided to add Pilates to my tool belt it was natural that I would come and work with her again...

How Long Did You Wait To Start A Pilates Teacher Training Program?
I waited a long time. I was already teaching another discipline and it was hard for me to think about how I could fit them both together and make it work. Now that I've done the Pilates Teacher Training I realize I should have done it much sooner because it added so many more skills to my my teaching abilities...

What Other Training Programs Did You Consider?
I did not consider anybody else's teacher training. I knew right from the start that if I was going to get a Pilates Certification that I was going to do it here at CORE with Cheryl...

What Did You Know About Our Program At CORE?
Basically I knew the philosophy that everybody who taught here at CORE followed and that the training program would be geared toward helping me evaluate my clients on an individual basis and create a program for them that was what they needed, interesting and fun...

What Would You Say To Someone Hesitant To Start Their Journey?
I think you should do it sooner rather than later. I'm a little bit sorry that I waited. If you have questions about your abilities you'll get an awful lot of practice during your Pilates Teacher Training so I wouldn't let that stop you...

What Did You Enjoy Most About Our Program?
You mean besides Dudley… I enjoyed everything about it! I enjoy the facility, I enjoy especially Cheryl and I enjoy the fact that we were allowed to become instructors, become our own style of instructors. We weren’t forced down any predetermined path...

What Was Your Goal From Taking Our Teacher Training Program?
My goal was to be able to evaluate people with a little bit more anatomical skill. Then to understand the way the body was moving, the way the body was working and then what type of work I could help my clients do that would help them work more efficiently, work and move more efficiently and yes you did help me achieve that goal…


Physical Therapist at CORE Therapy and Pilates

“Hi, I'm Alison... I'm a physical therapist, I work at CORE Therapy and Pilates and before I worked here I didn't know a lot about Pilates. My sister was a professional ballerina for 14 years and she was required to do Pilates as part of her ballet career. I also noticed that it was a billable code on a medical billing sheet and that was it... I have been doing physical therapy with people, getting them out of pain, getting them into some of the activities they want to do but once they are able to do their job and function, they were gone and they’d probably be back because the old habits would not die... So I would try to educate people on the way they walk, the way they stood and their posture and give them the tools they needed to know, what they needed to do to not get injured again. But people don't follow through with that kind of stuff and they certainly don't follow through with it when they're not seeing you and it’s four months after and they they're still doing fine. So you can see them again later down the road, didn't know how long but they'd be back... I've taking a lot of great education for physical therapy continuing ed things... on postural changes, on back courses at different stages in life and functional exercise… they're great, again they're sort of limited that you have this window with people and then it's all over and they didn't usually, I mean you would put people's bodies in this position you wanted them to be in and they could get there but they won't maintain this two hours later... so that was frustrating, but with the Pilates certification process I’ve been able to teach people some basics… basic Pilates... essential exercises, some basic mat work… things they could do on their own at home... There's a lot of different Pilates co-contractions and things that you learn that will help people but it's a baseline for them. Then, once they know how to do it and you can see them, they're doing it correctly they can go out and take a Pilates class or take a Pilates private session and reinforce some of these things... they’re not seeing a physical therapist, they’re not getting their insurance to pay for it… but it is a way for them to inexpensively go and reinforce all the things you've taught them so they do change their posture, they change the way they walk, they change the way they sit in their office and can stay out of pain… forever!

So as a physical therapist taking the Pilates teacher training it helped me to give people a baseline of good Pilates technique and then give them all the tools they needed to continue some of the great changes we’ve made in therapy and so it was a long-term solution for people... the thing I like best about it though is what it did for me personally. All the different Pilates pieces of equipment that I learned about were great but the the form and the technique that I learned… that I then sit better, I am doing all my chores at home better, I'm running with much better form, everything postural and structurally is better… just in the way I live. But I've experienced it, it has changed me in the way I do things and so then I can have that experience to share with clients and give them a vision for all that change that can happen over the next six months, year of doing doing the work and practicing those techniques... so it also helps you as a physical therapist though to be able to use and help other people learn how to use core muscles during all movement... any activity anybody ever wants to do. It helps you to recognize imbalances when you're doing the work... it's so easy to see weaknesses or imbalances you know between front, back or one arm or another in between lower extremities or upper extremities. It's just easy to recognize and to get clients confident in their ability to use these technique you have taught them and then go move on top of that in Pilates and then continue the work on their own in classes. They are fully recovered, they are back to their normal activities but even better they're back to their normal activities with better form so they're not going to get injured again. With a better understanding of how to use their core so they're not getting injured again and then a way to practice that every week, every month, however often they need to to make the change and make it stick... so that’s why I've really enjoyed and have been really changed by the Pilates teacher training... thanks”


Physical Therapist, Austin

I have been a PT for 26 years—this Pilates training is equivalent to my 8 week intensive NDT training. These two trainings compliment each other very well--you'll never look at human movement the same!! Your patients, clients, students deserve it and your own body will thank you!!

Stephen & Cheryl were excellent instructors in the CORE Therapy Pilates Teacher Training Program! This training has improved my skills as a Physical Therapist. It has also improved my own physical health and posture. Thank y’all for sharing your knowledge!


Stay home mom, Austin

I purchased a Pilates Reformer on Craigslist and started teaching out of my home about half way through my Pilates teacher training. At first I trained my neighbors and friends for free to get my hours to complete my program. After passing the PMA exam, I started charging $60 a session to the people that starting loving Pilates from the free training.

After a year, I was seeing about 6-8 clients per week while my kids were off at school. I still had time to work out, play tennis with my team (which brought in a few more clients) and have lunch a few times a week with friends.

Once my kids go off to college, I plan to teach 12-15 hours a week, or 3 hours a morning. Thank you Cheryl and Stephen for everything. My husband thought I was crazy when I signed up to be a Pilates Instructor, but now he is happy I am happy teaching Pilates!