Pilates for Teen Performers… 6 Week Class at CORE Therapy and Pilates

Hey guys. What’s up. It’s Stephen Dunn with CORE Therapy and Pilates in Austin, Texas. Today I just wanted to go live to announce a new class that’s starting on April 11th at 7:15 pm. It’s a class, it’s six-week class, so it’s a six-week program and it’s limited to four students. It’s for teenage performers. We’ve been getting a lot of questions from our parents who want us to work with their young dancers and as the people are preparing, dancers are preparing, performers are preparing for their tryout season we wanted to have a class that led up to the tryouts.

We always run a Pilates for teens class over the summer but it’s typically after the tryouts have already happened. So we wanted to do it a little different this year and start the course earlier. So we’re going to have a six-week course starting in April, April 11th, running for six weeks. Maximum of four students. If we do get more than four students we can take up to four. I’m sorry. We can take up to eight. We just need to … we’ll then just be splitting up the work where some will be on the Gyrotonic equipment and some will be on the Pilates equipment.

But I’m going to teach the very first class and it’s going to be a release class. I’m going to teach the young athletes how to use the gold ball, how to use the tennis ball and the lacrosse ball, foam rollers to loosen up all their tight muscles first. And the Celeste is going to be leading the class through the equipment. So it will be a little joint effort the first day and then Celeste will take over from there. So I just wanted to share that out with you all. April 11th. 7:15 pm. It’s going to be a six-week class and it’s geared towards teenage performers.

So if you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer. If you call 512-215-4227 we’ll be able to help you out with any information. And that’s what I got for you today. You all have a fantastic day and I will see you all at the studio soon. Bye now.

Stephen Dunn