Pilates Doodle. What is Pilates? The 6 Pilates Principles

Hi, have you heard of Pilates? Everybody seems to be talking about it but what exactly is Pilates exercise? No worries, you are going to find the answers in this video. Joseph Pilates developed his exercise method in the early 20th century in order to help people achieve balance in their body, mind and spirit. While in the process of finding the answers to his own physical illnesses, Joseph Pilates learned several different kinds of physical activities, such as dancing, martial arts and yoga. These physical activities or approaches that eventually become the elements of the Pilates exercises. The Pilates exercises build on 6 fundamental principles: concentration, control, centering, breathing, precision and flow. Concentration… to bring full attention to the exercise in order to maximize the value of each movement. Control… to deliberately let the mind control every body part during every movement. Centering… to physically bring the focus to the center or the powerhouse of our body during every exercise. Breathing… to deeply breathe in, fully blow out and coordinate breathing with every movement. Precision… precise placement and alignment of every body part during every movement. Flow… to preform each exercise with ease and in a fluid manner. If you are interested in starting your Pilates journey, please contact CORE Therapy and Pilates for more information.

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Video by the PT Doodler