Pilates and Weight Training Class For the Young Athlete at CORE Therapy & Pilates

After hearing from many patients about lifting injuries while working out at home during Covid, I ordered a bench, rack, dumbbell, and free weights. 

These new toys have filled a space in the studio that was not used very much and we now have a private workout pod. With so many new workout routines from the home gym, I decided to create the home gym at CORE.

Pilates and weight training combo class at CORE Therapy & Pilates 2

Now we have this exercise room to use in physical therapy or for personal training. However, I just had 4 teenage athletes in for trial use in the space. It was so fun as we started with some weight training. 

I encouraged them to exhale and engage the core with every exercise… the bench press, inclines, or shoulders with free weights.

This was a new idea to the one kid who has not been doing Pilates at the studio, but the other 3 have been taking Pilates classes off and on at CORE for some time.

Next, we moved to the Pilates Reformer and each young athlete got to do some footwork, hands in straps, feet in straps, kneeling mid-back, and some long box exercises…

Pilates and weight training combo class at CORE Therapy & Pilates 4

Then we went back to the weight training for squats… with the Pilates breath… Inhale to lower into the squat and exhale to return to standing.

This made much more sense to the new kid after doing some Pilates. Next came the most exciting thing…

He set a PR (personal record) in squats and broke the 200-pound mark, all within 75 minutes of starting our workout. Look out Westlake, our 10th-grade offensive linemen are learning Pilates. The other 3 athletes play basketball and baseball…

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Stephen Dunn