CORE  Pilates Reformer/GYROTONIC® Classes

At CORE we offer private sessions, duets and small group classes. 

Private Sessions

A private session represents the most effective method to learn, practice, and refine your performance. In this setting, the instructor can provide undivided attention to address your unique needs and craft a personalized program that empowers you to witness and experience optimal results.

Duet Sessions 

Duet sessions, accommodating two clients simultaneously on multiple pieces of equipment, offer individual assessment, guidance, and monitoring, all while remaining cost-effective. You'll still achieve excellent results.

Group Classes

A small group Pilates Reformer or GYROTONIC® Tower class accommodates up to 4 clients. Your instructor can provide modifications and variations throughout the class, ensuring personalized guidance and effective results.

Group Classes

We provide Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 classes with flexible payment options. You can pay per class, purchase a package of 5 classes, or opt for a monthly membership. Additionally, we offer membership choices for attending once a week, twice a week, or unlimited classes per month.

Level 1

Our Level 1 class is suitable for individuals who have received clearance from their therapist or personal Pilates or GYROTONIC® Instructor to participate in group classes.

If you're transitioning from a private setting or therapy and wish to join a Level 1 class, it's important that you feel comfortable with the terminology, equipment, and have minimal restrictions that might hinder basic movements. We want to ensure a smooth transition for you.

Level 2

In our Level 2 class, you can expect a slightly faster pace compared to Level 1. The choreography becomes more intricate, while we continue to prioritize the stability requirements from Level 1.

To thrive in this class, you should be well-versed in the terminology, exercises, and have successfully mastered the Level 1 class. It's a step up in intensity and complexity while maintaining a strong foundation.

Level 3

Our Level 3 classes are the pinnacle of complexity and are designed for individuals without injuries. The choreography reaches its highest level of intricacy, and the pace can be the fastest among our class offerings, although it may vary throughout the session.

To excel in this class, you should possess a deep understanding of the terminology, exercises, and have effectively mastered the Level 1 class. Level 3 represents a significant step up in intensity and complexity while maintaining a strong foundational knowledge


GYROKINESIS® is the mat version of GYROTONIC® and is performed in a group setting on a mat on the floor or a stool. This class can be reproduced at home and you can purchase videos at