Physical Therapy Explained by Dr Danny Masters with CORE Therapy & Pilates Westlake Hills Austin

What is Physical Therapy and what's the difference between PT and other healthcare providers?

As Dr. Andy discussed with PT we do a thorough evaluation to figure out different deficits in your movement and your strength and flexibility. 

From that, we then do individualized treatment programs and a specific plan of care in order to address those deficits... if it is in strength, if it is in flexibility, or any of the other kinds of things like that and then what we really do is we focus on function. 

Improving how you do things in daily life, getting you back to doing the things that you love, like exercising, playing sports, playing with your kids, all of that. So it's really all about getting you out of pain, improving all of your deficits, and then improving your ability to live.  

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