Odell Beckham Jr Super Bowl Injury, Physical Therapist Explained

Today I'm going to break down Odell Beckham Jr's non-contact knee injury in Super Bowl 56.

My name is Stephen Dunn. I'm a holistic physical therapist and I've been helping people with injuries since 1998. 

I’ve had experience helping people from the professional football rankings rehabbing their ACL injuries in the past and it's a pretty fun group of people to work with. So with that said let's go to it and let's break down this non-contact injury to Odell Beckham Jr. I'm going to speculate it is another ACL injury.

So let's share my screen and let's watch the play...

It's a non-contact injury. No one touched him. He caught the ball, didn't even plant or cut and just stepped and what looked like a little shift or a pivot in his knee is why I'm going to speculate its an ACL tear He tore this ACL on this same knee in the past and has rehabilitated back from it.

So here we're going to watch it... catch, boom... he didn't really catch it actually. I'm sorry Odell.

I will say geaux tigers, I'm an LSU fan so I was rooting for quite a few of the tigers tonight. The beautiful thing is Odell caught the first touchdown pass of the game. He was having a great start to the game when this injury happened.

Let's talk about the injury. 

I think Odell tore his ACL. He's torn it before on that side, has rehabilitated, and come back to play at an extremely high level. Rehabilitating it for the second time, if it is a torn ACL again, will be a bit more of a challenge to do. 

He can do it and come back and play at a high level but I'm grateful he won that super bowl. I’m thankful that he got it because you know at this point in his career he may or may not want to go through the routine of coming back and rehabilitating and getting back.

So again, a non-contact injury during the super bowl. Odell Beckham was set up to catch a pass while he's just running, the knee shifts, and he's injured. He’s out for the rest of the game.

The Rams come back and win with about a minute and a half to play. It was quite an exciting game and that's what we got for you today.

 Y'all take care and have a fantastic week after the super bowl.

All right, bye now.