New Far Infrared Light at CORE Therapy & Pilates, Come Try Our Biomat

Hi, it’s Cheryl from CORE Therapy and Pilates. Today I’m here to tell you about a new thing that we’re offering at the studio it’s called the Biomat… so the biomat is a mat that you come in and you lie down on in it has far infrared rays a negative ion therapy all conducting through a pure amethyst mat.

So you’re probably wondering what does all of that mean and what does it do??? There’s so many added health benefits from using this mat, I am just going to go ahead and read a couple of them because I can’t remember them all. When you come in and use the biomat it addresses a wide range of health issues, it relieves minor aches and pains, increases blood circulation, reduces stress and fatigue, eases minor joint pain, supports your immune system, improves your sleep and reduces your inflammation. It increases tissue oxygenation and there’s many, many, many more benefits. Come in and try it out. We have 15 minute and 30 minute sessions. you just come in lie down on it. You can feel immediately the far infrared rays emitting through the mat and it helps really address the body on a cellular level…

So come in try it out we look forward to seeing you. If you have any questions stop at the front desk, ask we’ve got tons of information on it and we look forward to seeing you at the studio!

Thanks. Bye…

Call 512-215-4227 to learn more about our Biomat…

The first session is FREE!

Co-Owner, PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher, Certified GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® Instructor, GYROTONIC® Master Trainer at CORE Therapy and Pilates
Cheryl completed her Pilates certification in 2002 then her Level 1 GYROTONIC® certification while working with Madeline Black at Studio M in Sonoma, CA.Since moving to Austin to 2004, Cheryl has become level 2 GYROTONIC® trained as well as assisted Madeline in teaching Pilates education courses from California to New Orleans. In 2009 she completed her GYROKINESIS® certification in Germany with Juliu Horvath, certifications on the specialized GYROTONIC® Archway, Leg Extension Unit, Gyrotoner and Jump Stretch Board, as well as becoming a Certified GYROTONIC® Pre-Trainer. Cheryl completed a Pilates mentor program in 2011 with Madeline Black offered by Balance Body University coined "Passing the Torch" and in the summer of 2011, Cheryl and Stephen launched a Pilates Teacher Training Program at CORE. Cheryl passed her PMA Exam and has studied the GYROTONIC® Therapeutic Application courses with German Physiotherapist Paul Horvath and Uwe Herbsreit. In 2014, Cheryl completed the requirments to become a GYROTONIC® Master Trainer and is now able to teach the GYROTONIC® Level 1 Foundation Courses as well as all updates for current certified GYROTONIC® trainers.
Cheryl Dunn