Greg Grew 3/4 of an Inch in an Hour at Core Therapy and Pilates with Myofascial Release and Pilates Based Physical Therapy

greg grew before myofascial release

Before Physical Therapy

greg grew after myofascial release

After Physical Therapy

I have noticed over the years as a Physical Therapist specializing in Myofascial Release and Pilates that most people leave the session taller. We were talking about it at a meeting recently and decided to buy a new toy to allow us to measure height…

Greg grew Image 3

Today was the day I got before and after pictures of one of my patients. I also captured some images of the Pilates Reformer workout I guided him through. Our treatment today consisted of releasing the tight areas followed by strengthening of the mind and body on the Reformer…

Greg Grew Image 4

We started with footwork on the Reformer with emphasis on the breathing and using the core while pushing out. Then some calf stretching and hands in straps to address the shoulder blades

The core works like crazy as the legs are held in the air in a chair position. Next we did the feet in straps to stretch and strengthen the hamstrings. Oh it feels so good! 

And that was the hour and boom, he was standing taller and feeling better. I love helping people with our unique approach to physical therapy in Austin.

Greg Grew Image 6

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