Mindful Movement Monday with Rebekah – 10 Minute Home Exercise Program

[Stephen] Hey guys! What’s up? It’s Stephen Dunn with CORE Therapy and Pilates. It’s Mindful Movement Monday and today we have Rebekah, one of our brand new instructors who’s going to teach us a program. I’m going to get out of the way and let her take over and you all enjoy.

[Rebekah]  Ok. So we are going to start by walking around the room and just observing how you normally walk. Take a moment to see where your pelvis is in space.

How your arms are moving. Where your upper back is. And when you’re ready you can come to a mat and grab your orange ball ( https://amzn.to/38VRiM7 )

We are going to start by placing it against the wall and come up against where our pelvis is. Our feet should be hip-width apart. And we’re just going to move our hips from side to side.

Just observing how that feels. And then you are going to start moving your upper body back and forth a little bit.  We are going to start lifting up one leg and trying to find a bit of rotation in our spine.

Your opposite arm should come to meet it. We are trying to loosen up the fascia that is on our backs. Trying to get more mobility and trying to find the oppositional.

Swing your arms and legs and then go ahead and lift the ball up between your shoulder blades.  We are just going to work on twisting our arms and upper body. Getting some movement and motion in there.

At home you can just try using a pillow or if you have a stability ball or maybe a basketball or something that should work as well. Go ahead and lift up one leg and please continue to lift that only one leg. Notice how that feels in your body trying to find that twisting motion.

Switching to the other side and then you can go ahead and alternate legs. And then let’s go ahead and come down on the mat and lie down on your side. You’re going to take the orange ball and place it under your top leg.

You are going to bend your bottom leg and then you are going to lie down. Start to grab the blue ball ( https://amzn.to/2PVRgep )as well and you are going to place that on the side of your thigh. And you are just going to find a nice arm motion going front and back.

You can place the ball just right above your ankle, the orange ball.  And go ahead and just find that movement with your foot. Your arms should be still; it should be moving front and back.

When you are ready you can add the arm and legs. They should be moving in opposition. Then we are going to come upon your elbows.

You can get rid of the blue ball. You are going to place your orange ball on the side. And you are just going to take your leg that is on top and just move it across forward and back.

Just making like a circular motion. Then your legs can be still and you can just find your arm opening up to the side and coming back down. And trying to open up your back and then you can try adding that two together on opposition

When you’re ready, let’s go ahead and come back to standing. And we are going to walk around the room and just notice that if your body just feels any different.

It is easier to get that arm swing. You feel any lose there. How does everyone feel?

[Student] I feel warm on one side.

[Rebekah] Great! And we can do the other side. Lying on your side, placing your top leg on the orange ball above the ankle. Then grabbing that blue ball place it on the side of your thigh.

Doing the oppositional movements and then your legs moving forward and backward. And adding the two together and then coming up on the orange ball to the side.

Sliding the arm, opening. Then the leg, contact on the floor and semi-circles. And then trying to add them together and then you come back up to standing.

[Student] It feels so good. It’s really nice.

[Rebekah] You feel the difference when you walked-in?

[Student] It feels really good. Very loose.

[Rebekah] Great!

[Cheryl] Awesome… Thanks for watching we will be back next week

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