Meet Siri–Our New GYROTONIC(R) Instructor at CORE Therapy & Pilates

Hey guys. Welcome, welcome. It’s Stephen Dunn and this is Siri, I’ll introduce her in a second. I want to say hi to everyone and let everyone know it is the first Thursday of June we are open for Physical Therapy, we are open for private Pilates and we have re-opened our group Pilates and GYROTONIC classes this week. I just wanted to reiterate the changes that have occurred with opening up the group classes.

We have our group classes spaced out with our equipment spaced out 6 feet apart for social distancing! We are ready to serve you in our classes.

I want to introduce our newest team member Siri.  Siri comes to us, we’ve known her… Cheryl and I have known her since she was a little kid, which is kind of funny, and now she’s here working with us. I am going to let Siri tell her story about how she became to Gyrotonic instructor and a little bit about her… So welcome Siri to the studio, and tell us a little bit about yourself and your story…

(Siri) For sure. When I was little, I loved soccer and was thinking this is it, this is what I’m going to do. I was also like completely clumsy and just falling over my feet all the time so my mom put me in dance classes. After a few years, I changed ideas and went into dance and formed a ballet career. I started out at Houston Ballet and then went on to dance in Germany with a ballet company there and then Portland, Oregon. Once I hit 16 years old up until my retirement, it was injury upon injury and at one point the doctors were just like “I don’t really know what to tell you kid… Good luck!”

Yeah and meanwhile my mom in Houston, Texas was getting trained in the Gyrotonic method, becoming a pre-trainer and then a master trainer. She’s like kiddo, I’ve got this really great thing that could really help you and I was like no mom you don’t know anything… I’ll figure it out… 

“We never trust our parents”  No, we don’t listen, and that’s just how it goes and then I had a friend who was my age who was also sort of dealing with similar injuries. She said, “Siri… I’ve found this thing it’s called Gyrotonic. It’s super strange and it’s got this huge equipment. But it feels amazing and I’ve healed from tendinitis to coming back from broken bones. I was just kicking myself because I was like, oh wow… Gyrotonic… so… 

(Stephen) “So you miss some time you could have been doing it earlier with your mom but you found it at some point, and it’s been very beneficial? And so now you’re at a point where you’re no longer dancing professionally, and you’re teaching Gyrotonic as something that helps your body as a way to share with others on how they can help their body?”

(Siri) Exactly…

(Stephen) I love it, I love it and that’s really a part of how most people find this field, whether it’s physical therapy, whether it’s Pilates or Gyrotonic instructors. They find it from their own passion and how it helped them… For me, the reason I teach Pilates to people is because before taking Pilates, I stood like this (slouched) and I had no idea I stood like that. Pilates actually taught me to stand up straight and therefore when I teach patients Pilates, I’m only teaching them what I was taught. I’m only sharing what helped me, that’s it.

I’m just sharing the information that helped me and that makes it very easy to serve others and then I got certified in Gyrotonic, so I’m trained in Pilates and Gyrotonic because I can get certain things out of each system, different things from each system but the reality is, we’re addressing the whole body, we’re addressing the mind, we’re addressing the body, we’re addressing the spirit, we’re addressing the awareness. We’re addressing so many things that aren’t addressed in typical therapy, typical Fitness…

So with that said we want to welcome you Siri, we’re glad to have you. She’s got some classes available, privates available and we’re really looking forward to having some new energy at the studio… what we’ve learned through this COVID pandemic is that people energetically are at different places throughout this process, and we’re finding that not everyone is in the same place or wants to get back and doing the things pre COVID, and that’s fine. We’re finding the right people for our space.

And we’re really excited to offer that. So with that said, thank y’all for hopping on we had quite a few people hop on I can’t see who it was we had up to eight or nine people at one point, thank y’all if you have any comments or questions put them below, I’ll be happy to answer them and we’ll see you all around the studio. Thanks a lot… bye-bye.

Call 512.215.4227 to learn more about how we help people in Austin stay active and fit without pain pills and surgery… Exercise is our medicine!


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