Meet Robin, Pilates Instructor and Client Services Specialist at CORE Therapy & Pilates

[Stephen]: Who is Robin?

Robin is one of our new Pilates instructors. She has been working with us for a short time now. And she is also helping us out upfront as one of our client services reps. I want to introduce her to our audience. I know many of you have met her. Have seen here at the front, have taken some sessions with her. She has done some filling in for some class. And now we are going to be looking to find some time to teach some classes after getting some fantastic feedback from our existing clients. With that said, welcome Robin.

[Robin]: Hi guys. Nice to meet you. You can catch me behind the desk if you have any questions about our classes but also I am going to gain some more privates and hopefully get class schedules before the new year. I found CORE through my own wellness journey just like many of you guys. I played sports through college. A little bit older now so I just found that my body had a lot of wear and tear and I didn’t know how to address it. I met Stephen and he has really helped me grow my understanding behind some of the pain I was having. Giving me the tools to improve my movements and essentially get rid of my pain. I am excited to bring that to you guys.

[Stephen]: I knew you found us through therapy last year. What was the journey that brought you in for therapy at that time? I believe you were preparing for a race, correct?

[Robin]: Yeah, I was. I had signed up for the Austin half marathon, twice. Not much prep was going on… that was probably my first issue, my first mistake. I had started running the week prior to the marathon. My foot started hurting and my knee was hurting. And my goal was just to get through the marathon without pain. And so Stephen gave me the tools to roll out my foot, my calf, where the source of my knee pain could be coming from and I was able to successfully run the furthest I’ve ever ran in my life with just your sessions and helping me out.

[Stephen]: And over the course of the next six months to a year, you decided to go though our pilates training even though you were already a pilates instructor. Tell us about that transition for you.

[Robin]: I first found the Lagree method of fitness and I have been teaching at a local boutique studio for about four years. And I would say about my last third to fourth year was when I was having my own issues with pain. I was not able to perform in the Lagree style classes as well as I wanted to. And I knew, coming to CORE, that I would learn how to strengthen my core in a different way. I wasn’t really using my powerhouse. And so I just started taking classes at CORE on Saturdays, once a week, and I have learned a lot through those classes. And the most important thing that I have learned was the simple thing of co-contraction. I had no idea what that was but it has really come full circle from just taking classes and then going through their training program and learning the importance of those types of movements. For my training, I have already completed the Pilates performer class. For certification, I have completed the trap table energy which we will be starting with barrels and chairs, smaller props.

[Stephen]: You have now been into the Pilates world for 4 to 5 years. And have a new and different education and a new and different way of teaching. That is what basically helped your body and now you are sharing that. You have both sides of the spectrum but you are at the point where the type of people that we see here are the type of people that you were — struggling with pain, struggling with issues and trying to do something that they couldn’t do.

I just wanted to introduce Robin to everyone. She would be an apprentice at this point. She has an apprentice rate for private sessions. And will be taking on new group class, new Pilates Rerformer classes soon. You will be seeing her around the studio more and more. And you have probably already had some interactions with her at the front desk whether it is on the phone or with scheduling and payments or something along those lines.

Thanks for hopping along, Robin. Welcome to the team. We are so glad to have you and looking forward that you share what you have learned with our audience.

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Stephen Dunn