How To Make A Parasetter Foam Roller With A Pool Noodle

Hi, everybody, have you been to the studio recently? You have probably worked with us on the parasetter and experienced this particular type of foam roller. And if not, then I definitely suggest come in and get on it.

The benefits that it provides is that because it has this ridge in the center when you are lying on a lengthwise from tail to head, your dorsal process, the back process of your spine can fit neatly into this ridge.

And so you will feel how the foamy part, these two foamy parts here, will provide pressure left and right of your spinal column. So it gets that entire length, left and right of your spine.

It is not necessarily designed to roll as you can see this is flat at the bottom. The reason why this was designed was to calm down the nervous system and thereby calm down and decrease muscle tension.

It also has a lot of benefits for those of us who have very active lives, very active jobs late into the evening and have a hard time calming their bodies down, calming their minds down to actually go to sleep and fall asleep right away.

If you lay on this for even just a few minutes before you go to bed you will feel it will decompress your nervous system and will decompress thereby not just the muscle tension but all other tension in your body.

It has a big impact on decreasing stress in your body. All these things keep us from sleeping well. And as you know when we don’t sleep well our bodies don’t have any support or energy to heal and to regenerate.

One of my clients has recently asked me where she could find the parasetter online and she couldn’t. Instead of going through a big Google search, I told her she could get two pool noodles. Very simple pool noodles.

Get two and tie them together. I have three simple hair ties around these. You tie them together and you create your own parasetter.

As you can see, we are recreating the ridge in the center for your spinal column. The pool noodles that I have used here are the bigger ones. You can also find the small thin ones.

I like the bigger ones because they have a little bit more tension and a little bit more stability. They are a little firmer. It is not quite as firm as the original parasetter. It is a good and easy immediate fix when you cannot find that or while you are waiting for your parasetter to be on its way to you.

Back to the benefits. I would definitely say if you haven’t been on it, get on it. Experience it for yourself.

Feel what it does to your body. Feel how your body reacts to it.

If you have any questions about that or if you want us to show you what you can do on it besides laying on it and resting on it.

Come to the studio or give us a call at 512.215.4227.

My name is Alexis and I’m looking forward to talking to you soon. And showing you all the fun stuff that you can do with the parasetter.

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