How to Get Back to Pickleball in Austin After Back Pain?

I'm having back pain and I want to get back to playing pickleball. What are my treatment options? Watch this video to find out more.

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What treatment is available after a pickleball injury?

So, from our previous video done by Dr. Andy, he talked about different ways that your back may be hurting after a pickleball injury. We're gonna explore in this video different treatment options that are available.

My name is Dr. Daniel Masters, I'm a physical therapist and I've helped many patients with low back pain getting back to doing the things that they love to do, including playing pickleball.

What are some treatment options available for treating your low back pain due to pickleball?

There are many different treatment options available, but in your depending on what stage of recovery you're in.

Acute Stage

In that first stage, or what we call the acute stage, that's very early on, you're in a lot of pain, and your back is pretty inflamed. The treatment for that is kind of is relatively resting, so not lying in bed, but doing motions that don't aggravate your back, helping with the inflammation to calm it down. So, using ice and then you can also use medications such as ibuprofen, to help with pain, and then also that inflammation as well.

Sub Acute Stage

Now once that initial stage has calmed down and your pain is starting to reduce, and you're able to move a lot better, this is called the more sub-acute stage.

This is where we try to focus on improving your how your back is moving, and your strengths. So, these can include things like performing camo exercises for mobility, and then different strengthening exercises for your core. Your inner core and then also your hips to help support your back.

Last Stage

Now lastly, after you've built up, your back pain is improved, your back is moving better your strength has improved in this kind of last stage of the recovery. Then you focus more on your mechanics and getting back to your daily activities. Related to pickleball.

A physical therapist will be able to analyze your swing, your different movements, to make sure that you're performing the proper technique, and then also addressing any restrictions that you may have, which may be causing you to overuse your back.

These can include if your hips aren't moving well if your ankles aren't moving well, a PT will be able to design a specific treatment program for you so that you can get back on the court with a lot less pain.

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