Holistic Physical Therapy… I Work For My Clients, Not Their Insurance Company

Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Stephen Dunn from CORE Therapy and Pilates. I just want to do a quick video today about a conversation I had with a client, just yesterday. This is a client I’ve known for several years. I’ve treated her for different things with her back and her neck and she’s had a recent elbow surgery and after having the elbow surgery, I’ve been treating her for neck and back.

She went in to have this elbow surgery and when she had the surgery, what ended up happening is that she ended up seeing the physical therapist that the surgeon, the orthopedic surgeon at his physical therapy clinic. The PT that works for the orthopedic surgeon, Let me say it that way and what ended up happening was she had the surgery done in April. She went in and saw him, she basically described her experience like this.

She went into the facility. She checked in, she saw the therapist, typically after about a 15 to 20 minute wait got in to see him, Spent about 10 to 12 minutes with therapist, in that time that she talked to him and most of what he did was sit at his laptop and type very, type the whole time. He would massage her elbow for about three to five minutes and then he would move her over to work with one of the staff, the support staff, which is basically a technician or an aide.

So I then asked her, well how did it go? She goes, not very well, he had five people in there at one time, always. So I was one of his five of his clients that he was juggling throughout that time.

So it just reconfirmed everything that I’ve decided to do with my business and provide one on one care, not being contracted with any insurance provider and actually work for my clients and not their insurance provider.

So she came in yesterday, her neck was hurting, her back was hurting and oh yeah by the way, the elbow that’s two months post op… it’s still hurting. She’s limited by about 15 degrees of extension, she can’t fully extend it. So we worked on her neck. We worked on her elbow. We work on everything and the other response she said is that when she asked the other physical therapist to work on her neck, he refused to do it because he can only work on her elbow, because that’s what the referral was for.

So it was just one of those things where again, it was a positive experience for what I do for me and what I’ve done in my business model. She had a negative experience going to see the PT, that she said was a great guy. She really liked him, but he worked at a place that didn’t allow him to do what she needed. It only allowed him to do what the insurance needed, what the doctor needed and it wasn’t a Holistic approach at all and it was very limited and in the success she had…

So that’s my message for today. I just wanted to share that, I wish I’d had the camera on her while she was saying this because it was fantastic. This was late last night around 6 PM so alright guys that’s all I have for you today. I hope you’re having a fantastic Wednesday…

Just a few announcements… We have our chiropractor working with us now on Tuesdays in the afternoon, Dr Jack McGowen. He is seeing clients, animal clients and human clients, so he is the chiropractor that has a specialty in Vet care. He’s my dog, Reece’s chiropractor and that’s how him and I developed a relationship…

And also we have some of our monthly memberships for our pilates classes on a discount. This is for the summer. So if you’re interested in taking one of our unlimited pilates or GYROTONIC® exercise group classes where it’s up to three or four people in the class, you can come in and take the unlimited monthly membership for the price of the twice a week class, so that’s a 40 dollar savings and that will be going on… a little over 20 percent savings will be going on for the next few months, so just wanted to share that with you.

Y’all have a fantastic day… bye now!

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Stephen Dunn