GYROTONIC® Scoliosis Back Exercises

Have you tried the GYROTONIC® exercise method for your scoliosis?

What is all the rage about GYROTONIC® and how it can improve your spinal curves? 

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How can GYROTONIC® exercise help my scoliosis and spinal pain? 

By the end of this, you will have a much better understanding of how this new exercise system is sweeping the fitness world…

My name is Cheryl Dunn and I’ve helped hundreds of clients with this scoliosis over the past two decades and can’t wait to help you!

What is GYROTONIC® ?

Spinal strength in all directions, flexion and extension, rotation, side bending, and every combination of them as possible in a safe setting with spinal elevation for decompression of the vertebra and disc…

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Thanks for watching and see you soon. 

Cheryl Dunn