Gyrokinesis: The Mat Version of Gyrotonic That Can Be Done At Home!

Hey, guys. It’s Stephen here of CORE Therapy and Pilates in Austin, Texas. I wanted to go over a question I got today. Actually it was yesterday with one of my clients. It was a brand new client coming in with scoliosis, and she wanted to progress from physical therapy into our Pilates and Gyrotonic classes and eventually and to be able to do those things at home. And her question was, “How do I progress from physical therapy to Gyrotonic with the fancy crazy looking machines, and then be able to reproduce some of that at home?”

So my answer to her was that we offer something called Gyrokinesis. And what Gyrokinesis is is basically the mat version of Gyrotonic. So Gyrotonic is on those fancy looking machines and equipment that do all the spiraling and rotation, but Gyrokinesis is basically the mat version of it, and what that means is you’re sitting on a stool, or a chair, or you’re on the floor like a regular mat class.

So just like Pilates has Pilates reformer and trap table and chair work, and then Pilates mat work, with Gyrotonic is the work on the equipment, and Gyrokinesis is the work on the floor and the stool. So with that said, I went through a plan with this client about how I would need to see her for like three or four sessions to work on manual therapy, myofascial release, some joint work to get her more straightened out and whatnot.

But then the progress would come or the long term success would come from her getting stronger in her entire body, specifically, her trunk, and that Gyrotonic was gonna create a lot of rotation and enable to release some of the faults that are coming along from her, the faults from scoliosis, let me say it that way. So with that said, I was able to paint a picture of seeing me for a couple of times, seeing my trainer for a few Gyrotonic sessions, and then working into the Gyrokinesis class, and buying a Gyrokinesis video off of the website, and being able to do that at home.

So she came in expecting to have this long term plan that was gonna take her months to do here, and the reality is, it’s gonna take her about two months to get to that process of understanding the work well enough, and until then, there is some learning. But the long term for her ability to do the Gyrokinesis work at home is really where she’s gonna make the change.

So what I wanna do now is I’m gonna walk out into the studio, where we actually have two things going on right now. We have a Gyrotonic class going on, where there’s four people on the machines, and that’s what the Gyrotonic looks like with the actual specialized equipment. And then we have a Gyrokinesis class going on with four people on the floor or a stool, I’m not sure where they’re at now. So we’re gonna walk out there and look at that.

And if you have any comments or questions, just leave them in the comments below and I’ll be sure to get back to you with that. So hang on one second.

So to answer your question, stumpknocker [SP], yes, it is for old fart’s like you, man. I love it (response to FB live question). All right, guys, that’s it for today. I hope you all have a great day. Any other comments after watching this when it’s not live, just put them in the comments below. Any questions, I should say, leave them in the comments. Take care.

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