Giving Back Series: Rescue A Pet!

Jennifer: Hi. I’m Jennifer at CORE. You all know we love animals here. As we approach the holidays and maybe you guys are considering adding a new family member to your family, consider adopting a pet. I’ve adopted from Austin Boxer Rescue, my big dog, Louie. I’ve adopted a couple of cats from Austin Pets Alive. The thing about cats is they say that there’s a big influx of cats in the summertime, but actually they’ve got kittens and cats pretty much through the end of November that really need homes and are looking for a new family. That’s a great place to look.

Brandi: Yeah. Recently, with the influx of so many animals from Houston because of the Harvey Hurricane situation, I just got to foster two lab mix puppies for seven weeks and they just found their forever home. I had them from when they were about five weeks to when they were about 12 weeks, and they just this last week went to their forever home. I felt so happy to be able to help those little dogs find a family. I know those families are going to be so happy and it was such a privilege. So, think about adoption this season if your list includes a new family member. Yeah.

Jennifer: Great.

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