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These Clients Started With A Simple And Easy Call Back From Our Team… And Look How HAPPY They Are Now…



Late 40’s, East Austin

I was in a pretty bad car accident and I started trying figure out how to unwind myself and what was going to help me get out of the constant pain I was in and I tried so many things. Then somebody referred me to Stephen for physical therapy and I'm so grateful that they did because after trying various kinds of chiropractic and massage and resting and all of those things, I just wasn't getting anywhere. It was really frustrating and my pain level was really high and I wasn't able to walk for exercise, or even walk much without pain, period. And as I received treatment from Stephen and Cheryl I realized that each and every time I came in, I felt better and my whole body felt better and my knees started to feel better, I just really started to believe that there was something to his method. I would tell any friend I had to come see Stephen and work with Cheryl and just believe in the process because it really truly works. *


Early 60's, West Lake Hills

I've been coming to CORE Therapy and Pilates for approximately three years. I first had significant neck pain and went to see an orthopedic doctor over 20 years ago. I would go through therapy, I would do whatever it was, eight weeks, ten weeks. Try to keep it up at home. And then in another few months it would get bad again. I tried massage for years. Some chiropractic. The thing that has helped me the absolute most is being here at CORE Therapy. My very first visit with Stephen, he asked me what I was coming to see him for, and I said, "I think I'm kind of a mess." He assessed me and did all sorts of measurements until he was able to pinpoint some areas of my body where I needed help. This is like medicine to me. This is my prescription for my well-being. This is my maintenance for my happiness, my health, my comfort, my well-being. Come and let them work with you so that you'll be better. You'll be stronger, you'll have better posture, better comfort. I highly recommend that you come in here. *

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