Fascia Series #2. Time Does Not Heal All Wounds.

Today, I want to continue on with my fascia series and today is fascia blog number two… my name is Stephen Dunn with CORE Therapy and Pilates and I have been treating the fascia for about fifteen years of my career.

One of my teachers is a guy named John F Barnes and I’ve been studying with him for some time. I wanted to go over one of the quotes that he talks about…

He says, 

Does time heal all wounds? Are you tired of hurting? Are you tired of being tired? Frustrated with temporary results? Unfortunately, the old saying that time heals all wounds from experience is not true. 

In actuality, many of the physical and emotional traumas and upsets in our lives get buried deep within our fascial system, the tissue memory. Traditional therapy insist on ignoring our mind is the reason why too many times we have received therapy that just doesn’t last.

This is a very frustrating experience. The principles of myofascial release are totally unique to what you may have learned in the past and will help you to have more consistent lasting results.”

So one of the things that we talked about with fascia is that it is everywhere. It’s the spiderweb that surrounds everything. It surrounds the muscles, it surrounds each system. Fascia is involved with everything. 

So the fascia is the immediate environment of every cell and every cell has its own fascial system. Through the fascia we can look at someone who might have an imbalance in their pelvis or hip that’s contributing to their shoulder. There might be something going on in their calf that’s contributing to their back or vice versa.


Fascia is one of those things that many people are learning more and more about. A couple of years ago, science basically said that the fascia is an organ and they called it the interstitium

Science has finally agreed with what my teacher John Barnes has been teaching for 50 years and that there is something to the fascia other than it just being this dead tissue.

When I was in PT school and I had a cadaver in front of me in gross anatomy. They told me to take the dead fascia and get it out of the way so we could get to everything that we needed to see, everything that was important.

So by the end of a semester of dissecting a human body I had a five-gallon bucket full of fascia that I’ve taken out of a man that probably weighed 150 pounds. That was what they told us was useless material. 

I’ve learned from John Barnes and from many others through the fascial system that we took away the most important structure of the body because it’s that structure that ties everything together. Until we learn to look at the whole body in that way it’s hard to make lasting gains.

That’s my message for today guys… I hope that makes sense.

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