Driving Tips – Core Exercises In Sitting

Stephen: All right, hey guys, what’s up? It’s Mindful Movement Monday and today we have Mauro teaching some tips on how to drive the bus. He’s driving the bus today and this is the bus. So y’all enjoy.

Mauro: Hey guys. How you doing? So, today we are going to be giving some advice of how to sit in the car in order to find a little bit of the ‘narrowing’ idea. The idea is because I find out how I’m sitting myself. Usually if I’m driving long distance, usually it’s a kind of, like, collapsing, and then you feel awful after the long drive. So, what we’re going to do today is to, get one of these … Discs?

Discs. Yes.

Discs okay.

Cheryl: I think you can buy ’em on our website. https://amzn.to/2DAUkGp

One it has these little pokes and the other one is flat. I’ll be using the flat side. Okay. And so you put that on your seat of the car. Because it’s wobbling, what’s going to happen is you don’t have any option more than ‘narrowing’, otherwise you are not gonna be driving all the way like that. So, you’re going to be using usually a little bit of pressing with the heels and that’s going help you to find the back of your seat. We have Julie here to assisting me.

That’s going to give you the, reaching through the heels is going to give you a little bit of support of the abdominals, lower abdominals, to find the back of your seat, and find the sit bones, kind of like ‘narrowing’ and elevating.

It seems like you’re going to be working really hard, but it’s not really. I did it, like, several times on my drive from St. Louis to Memphis, and it’s absolutely fine.

Julie: So, why don’t you do a side view?

Okay, I’ll do a side view. I’m a little bit short, my legs are short for doing it, but I’ll try my best. So, usually you’ll have your legs a bit farther out and what’s going to happen, you’re going to press a little bit. It seems like it’s a lot of work. But it’s not really. I did, already. Okay. And you are actually stabilizing your hips with the ‘narrowing’, okay. Usually I’m going to put the hands in here, I’m going to have it more in the buttock. And it’s kind of like giving you the sensation of opening of the shoulders, as well. Okay?

If you don’t have the disc, then there is another option, it’s a little bit harder. And, this one is not possible to do six hours drive. So, you’ll have to interrupt. But, basically, what you do is to put this on your sit bones and it’s having the same effect. So, you’re gonna have to be a little bit more patient of finding the spot and then from there, doing the ‘narrowing’ and elevation. This one, usually after maybe 40 minutes, you will have to remove and then sit for a little bit. Nothing, and then back to the tennis balls.

So, that’s the advice for today. I hope it’s gonna help you for the next road trip. Thank you very much.

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