CORE Re-Opened Post-COVID19 Pandemic.. Now Offering In-Person One on One Physical Therapy and Private Pilates Sessions

Hey guys. What’s up?
It’s Stephen Dunn from CORE Therapy and Pilates. I just wanted to come on and say hi to everyone. I want to let everyone know that we are open for business. We have been open now for about a week for physical therapy only and we are now starting to open up our private Pilates side of the business.

We are cleaning between every person with medical-grade cleaning supplies that we’ve got from the physical therapy suppliers. It’s not stuff consumers can’t buy. We’re scheduling people with 30-minute breaks in between them. I’ll give you an example of my day yesterday. I had an eight o’clock patient in house from eight to nine, had a break from nine to ten. I had a 10 o’clock telehealth patient virtually from 10:00 to 10:45. Then I had an eleven o’clock patient in the studio. Between that eight o’clock patient and I 11 o’clock patient everything was cleaned. The doorknobs, the light switches, the table, sheets on the table switched, everything. I’m opening the door for people so when someone arrives the door is open, they walk in. They’re not having to touch the door, they’re not having to shut the door, they’re coming straight into my room for their session. Yesterday afternoon I had one person in the studio at 2:00 and another person in telehealth at 5:00. So I basically had five people yesterday, three in house two through telehealth. Today I’ve got three people, all three are in the studio. Monday, Andy had three people, two were in the studio and one was in telehealth.

I want to say that we are still offering telehealth and we are still offering virtual Pilates lessons, private or group classes. That is still going on for those that are not ready to get out in public. For those that are ready to get out in public we’re taking the steps to be safe.

We are here to support you.

We know neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain didn’t go away in this epidemic. We know that stress increased in this epidemic therefore it’s time to get back and get some work. Wherever you want that work to be done, at your house or office virtually or in our office.

We are here to help and serve you.

I want to say thanks for all the support through this and we are so glad that things are starting to creep back into some businesses opening and we’re really grateful for the opportunity to serve you.

Y’all take care, and we’ll see soon!

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